Boosting Calls + 3G Data in a Treatment Facility in Romania

The Challenge

A treatment facility for autistic children is situated in Transylvania, Romania. The staff complained of a very poor call quality inside the building. They were hunting for a signal without success due to almost zero reception. Even outside the building the signal was often weak and conversations were frequently interrupted.

In spite of the location within the city, a specific building construction prevented the signal from propagating inside. 

To sum it up, it was necessary to cover 2-storey building and improve voice as well as 3G signal all across it.

HiBoost Mobile Signal Boosting Solution Installation

The installer used GSM + 3G signal booster HiBoost Hi23-EW on the site. One indoor panel antenna was placed on every floor to guarantee maximum overall coverage.


Maximum Coverage: up to 5500 sq.m.

The chosen model is the most powerful in the line. With 75 dB gain the device is suitable for large zones and is able to support up to 8 indoor antennas. So for two-storey treatment facility HiBoost Hi23-EW was just enough.

Networks Supported: EGSM/GSM 900 + UMTS 2100 MHz

Most common frequency bands supported all across EU zone including Romania are 900 MHz for GSM and 2100 MHz for 3G. Since a treatment facility is a public place daily visited by hundreds of people it was crucially important to have all the Romanian networks boosted. HiBoost Hi23-EW model fully met this point.

Installation was performed by SC AVC Consult SRL, a HiBoost partner and installer in Romania.

Find below a full equipment list the installer used on the site:

Item Quantity (pcs)
HiBoost Hi23-EW booster 1
indoor panel antenna 2
outdoor panel antenna 1
2-way splitter 1


After installing HiBoost signal boosting system, the signal in the building is excellent. Voice conversations are now smooth and clear, 3G data rates grew much higher. The customer is extremely satisfied with the result!

Many thanks to our Romanian partner for sharing this case with HiBoost EU Team.

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