Signal Solution for an Office Building in Barcelona

The Challenge

In a corporate office building of 6 floors, located in the center of Barcelona, common areas were not covered properly. This was caused by the avant-garde design of the building front. It consists of decorative ceramic elements and safety glass, that greatly attenuated the external signal. In addition, the required common areas, that are elevator lobbies between the floors and WC, are located in the innermost part of the building with no windows.

So, the challenge was to cover common areas throughout a 6-floor office building and improve signal strength of all Spanish networks.

HiBoost Mobile Signal Boosting Solution

The chosen HiBoost solution is 5-band mobile signal booster Hi23-5S. Since the coverage on the building roof was excellent (4-5 bars), one item was enough to cover all the site.

HiBoost Hi23-5S is all-in-one solution for all EU networks. The model supports 5 frequency bands – LTE800 + EGSM900 + 3G2100 + LTE1800 + LTE2600 MHz, in other words it enhances voice, 3G and 4G signal at a time.

Hi23-5S model with 75 dB gain is the most powerful from the whole product selection. Its standard kit is able to cover up to 3000 sq.m. However, the coverage can be extended if you add more indoor antennas + accessories, like splitters, couplers, etc. All in all, the amplifier can be upgraded up to 8-10 indoor antennas and can guarantee an approximate coverage of up to 5500 sq.m.

HiBoost Installation

From GSM + 3G + 4G signal booster, using a 1/2 “ super-flex cable, the installer went down to each floor. On each floor they put a 2-way wilkinson coupler (-15 dB), and on each coupler output a super slim antenna was set up. Find below a picture of how the internal antenna is fixed in the false ceiling. In total, the installation included 5 couplers and 6 antennas.

HiBoost Hi23-5S solution installation was performed by our official partner in Spain Telecom Falcon, a professional authorized installation company of radio communication equipment. You can find their contacts on HiBoost website here (pick up “Spain” from the list).

Here’s an overall list of installation equipment used in this case study:

Item Quantity (pcs)
HiBoost Hi23-5S mobile signal booster 1
Outdoor vertical antenna 1
Indoor ceiling antenna 6
1/2″ superflexible foam coaxial cable 2
2-way wilkinson splitter 5


Mission accomplished and the excellent internal signal is easy to receive all across the office building. After the installation of HiBoost signal repeater the coverage in the common areas reached 4-5 bars. The staff and visitors can now enjoy clear voice conversations and speedy 3G and 4G mobile data inbound and outbound.

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