HiBoost LTE Solution for a Chalet in the Mountings in Bulgaria

Picturesque mounting view, crystal clear air – our customer had a perfect place for living except for one thing, unbearably slow 4G data speeds. HiBoost team did their best to arrange absolute heaven on earth or in the mountains, to be precise, in his chalet.

The Challenge

Our customer lives in a very remote place in the suburbs of Sofia, Bulgaria. The house is located 1500 m high up in the mountains that as a natural obstruction prevented the signal from getting inside the property. The main issue was slow LTE speeds inbound and outbound on his local carrier Vivacom. It was necessary to cover two floors of the house and speed up 4G LTE mobile data throughput all around the area.

HiBoost Solution

The solution that resolved the customer’s signal problem is smart dual band booster with LCD display HiBoost Hi20-ED. The device supports two frequencies at a time – 900 and 1800 MHz. The model is usually perfect for voice (GSM900) + 4G LTE1800 signal improvement, however every client’s case is unique and we always recommend to double check on which frequencies your mobile operator performs.


Bulgarian carrier VIVACOM transfers 4G mobile data at LTE 900 and 1800 MHz frequencies and let us remark here the LTE 900 is rather rare among European operators. So lucky for our customer he managed to get most of our solution and improved LTE data both on 900 and 1800 MHz as well as calls. His feedback speaks for itseld:

“I would like to thank you for the great & robust product! We are in love with it! Thanks to HiBoost we have excellent LTE internet across our property which is in a very remote place high up in the mountains.”


LCD display is an additional advantage to the HiBoost Hi20-ED solution. It renders the device maintenance as easy as breathing thanks to the capability of intelligent troubleshooting and assistance in finding the best place for outdoor antenna mounting.

HiBoost Equipment List

HiBoost Hi20-ED standard kit includes one indoor and one outdoor antennas both of which are panel. Because of rather low receiving signal outside the house (about 2 bars) the customer applied a more powerful logarithmic periodic antenna instead of a panel one.


Here’s the list of HiBoost equipment used in this case study:

Item Quantity (pcs)
20 dBm HiBoost Hi20-ED booster 1
7 dBi panel indoor antenna 1
9 dBi  logarithmic outdoor antenna 1
5m 5D-FB coaxial cable 1
10m 5D-FB coaxial cable 1

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