Helping the Dutch Office of the Leading Electronics Manufacturer

The Dutch subsidiary of one of the leading manufacturers of consumer and professional electronis has recently moved from Badhoevedorp to Hoofddorp. HiBoost Team was given credence to resolve mobile signal problem in their new office building.

Customer’s Background

Our client is a Japanese corporation headquartered in Tokyo. The company is one of the world’s leading producers of consumer and professional electronics products. Its business is concentrated around 4 core components: electronics, motion pictures, music and financial services. In 2016, Statista ranked it the fifth largest television manufacturer in the world.

The Challenge

The client’s new Dutch office houses on one floor and occupies about 2000 sq.m. Practically the staff had to go outside the building to take or make calls. Mobile data rates were also a sheer disaster throughout.

The issue was a high concentration of employees operating in one level office. The situation was double challenged by a special building structure and construction material, like glass curtain, light reflectors, etc.

To sum it up, we were to cover a large area with a lot of internal and external signal obstructions and improve mobile signal of all types, i.e. 2G, 3G and 4G.

HiBoost Solution

In addition to the usual “flexible” workplaces, this one-floor office includes 7 concentration cells, 10 meeting rooms, 1 gameroom, 1 large lunch / presentation room, a labo and a test room. To ensure quality mobile signal reception on every inch of the area, HiBoost made a floor plan analysis and worked out a detailed installation plan.

The solution we offered for this site is our innovative 5-band cell phone signal repeater with LCD display HiBoost Hi23-5S. With 23 dB gain, the model is the most powerful in 5S series line and is able to cover up to 5000 sq.m. Since the signal reception outside is 3 bars on average, one item was enough to cover all the building. For maximum coverage effect through all the office rooms, the booster was supplemented by one 2-way and two 3-way splitters along with six indoor omnidirectional antennas.


HiBoost Hi23-5S comes equipped with LCD display that makes the deployment process a breeze. It also assists in troubleshooting. Showing a certain malfunction abbreviation (ALC or ISO), it gives a customer a cue what is necessary to fix. On top of all, the display helps the user keep an eye on the system performance in real time.


As per networks, HiBoost 5-band solution supports 5 major frequencies used by all European carriers on 2G, 3G and 4G – EGSM900, WCDMA2100, LTE800, LTE 1800, LTE2600. So, the chosen repeater was exactly what our customer needed.


After HiBoost Hi23-5S deployment signal reception reached 4 and 5 bars throughout. Finally all the office staff as well as the company’s customers could talk on the phone smoothly and enjoy speedy 3G and 4G mobile data rates.

The installation was successfully performed by our official partner in the Netherlands – GSM SIGNAAL VERSTERKERS. Please find their contact details here (pick up the Netherlands in the country list).

Here’s the list of HiBoost equipment deployed on the site:

Item Quantity (pcs)
23 dBm HiBoost Hi23-5S booster 1
9 dBi outdoor logarithmic periodic antenna 1
3 dB indoor omnidirectional antenna 6
micro-strip 2-way splitter 1
micro-strip 3-way splitter 2

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