Improving Mobile Signal in an Electronics Shop in Italy

A well-known chain of electronics shops addressed a sales agent of our Italian partner Teleco s.p.a. in Campania, experiencing heavy problems with mobile signal reception inside a sales point in the province of Caserta.

The manager of the supermarket told the distributor a sad story that he was desperate to find a consistent solution. The company tried to fix the issue with three specialized installation companies, none of which showed decent results. The Teleco technical agency in Campania was not discouraged by the precedents and took on the challenge to provide a high quality HiBoost solution.

The Challenge

The problem concerned a large building of about 2000 square meters, inside which the mobile phone signals were causing huge operation difficulties in some departments. Especially in big trouble was a sales department of mobile phones, as managers were not able to do either any demonstration of the products inside the building or activations of promotions and contracts to the customers. Sales level of the entire range of mobile telephones were abundantly below the budgets set by the company.

Another very critical issue was the difficulty in using POS GSM devices for card payments, since very weak signal prolonged transaction times and caused continuous disconnections.

HiBoost Solution

The crew of technicians carried out a full inspection of the site. The outdoor signal strength for all Italian operators was at an excellent level, so a HiBoost repeater was an optimal solution for the supermarket.

The best option proposed to the customer was a powerful PRO series model HiBoost Hi20-5S supporting all the frequency bands available in Italy. In order to cover the whole site the system was installed with a splitter and two indoor omnidirectional antennas that were hidden in the false ceiling.

Here’s a full list of HiBoost equipment:

Name Piece
HiBoost Hi20-5S 5 band repeater (800-900-1600-2100-2600 MHz) 1
Two-way splitter splitter with N. connectors + 1m cable 1
Indoor omnidirectional antennas with 15 m N-N cables 2
9 dB outdoor antenna with 15 meters of N-N cable 1

The installation was performed by an authorised sales agent and installation company of our official Italian partner Teleco s.p.a.


As expected, the whole building was completely covered with HiBoost Hi20-5S signal amplifying system. The result was excellent, the coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G on all the operators increased greatly. Signal reception of the connected devices is also excellent now, so that the company estimates a considerable sales growth. Well done!

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