Improving Voice in a Cottage in Kildare, Ireland

The Challenge

We got a request from a family based in Kildare having a very bad coverage in their cottage. They complained that any time they would take a call they would have to stand beside the window or go outside.

The customer’s family is not the only one in the area struggling with poor connectivity. Due to long distance to the cell tower there’re dozens of families nearby with the same signal reception problems.

We were to cover one-level house of about 300 sq.m. and boost voice signal on Vodafone and Three operators.

HiBoost Solution   

Since the customer needed to improve calls only, we offered our best-selling voice model HiBoost F13-EGSM. It supports EGSM 900 MHz, the most widespread voice signal standard used all over EU, UK and Ireland. There’re three mobile operators performing in Ireland:5 Three, Vodafone and Eir. All of them support two voice signals: EGSM 900 and 1800 MHz. However, the coverage map of our customer’s area showed that calls are available on 900 MHz only, so EGSM signal band was quite enough to fix the problem.

As for the coverage area, HiBoost F13-EGSM is able to provide full coverage up to 500 sq.m. We asked the customer to checked the signal outside the house and his mobile phone showed almost 3 bars. So the chosen model was quite satisfactory for booster system to work properly and cover all the house.


The customer was glad to find out that instructions are very easy to follow. He installed the system in about 30 minutes, the biggest part was boring a little hole to connect the outside antenna with a booster. As you can see on the photos, in the location where the booster is placed there are a lot of other cables for different services. The cable and power go into the top of the box and an aerial about 6″ at the bottom.

After booster installation all the family members could finally make and receive calls inside the house. Now they have no problem with signal reception, there’s normally full coverage or 4 bars throughout. Well done!

Here’s what our customer said in his feedback:
“ Honestly I was a bit skeptical at first, so I dropped the company an email & a sales manager  assured me that if I had 2-3 bars outside then the signal should be greatly increased inside. Any problems & I could return the product.

When I was ordering, I accidentally ordered twice & the team where able to help me cancel the second order.

I really can’t recommend these guys enough, product & service are brilliant. We should have researched this a little and got this years ago.”

HiBoost Equipment List

Item Quantity (piece)
13 dBm HiBoost F13-EGSM 1
5 dBi indoor whip antenna 1
9 dBi outdoor panel antenna 1
15 m 5D-FB coaxial cable 1

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