Signal Boosting Solution for a Multi-Storey Office in the UK

In September we got a request to boost mobile signal in a 5-storey building of the world leading Consumer Electronics company. Excitement, joy and naturally great responsibility. Two units of our innovative quint band mobile signal solution with LCD screen HiBoost Hi23-5S perfectly fitted the site and resolved both poor call quality and slow mobile data speeds.

Customer’s Background

A world leading Consumer Electronics Company, headquartered in South Korea and operating more than 80 subsidiaries globally.

The Challenge

The customer needed to cover a new 5-storey office building in the UK coming with approximately 5000 sq. m. size. Since the company got relocated, they have started experiencing serious problems with mobile phone signal reception for both voice and data connections. There’re over 300 employees working in the building and most of the users got only one bar or nothing from their mobile phone. The problem was in the special building structure and construction material used of their new office. We were challenged to take into consideration all specific site features and provide seamless mobile signal reception over a large area on five stores.

HiBoost Solution

We developed a rather detailed solution, which includes two HiBoost Hi23-5S signal repeaters, indoor and outdoor antennas, splitters, couplers, cables and cable accessories. The chosen repeater model is the most powerful in the quint band line – gain 75 dB, power 23 dBm. With a coverage of up to 3000 sq.m., each unit was considered to enhance the signal over two stores, so four stores all in all (signal reception on the top floor was quite satisfactory). To guarantee ideal coverage through the whole building 20 indoor antennas were installed along with 8 2-way splitters and 10 couplers.

Thanks to the powerful system of HiBoost Hi23-5S along with the necessary accessories carefully selected by our engineers, we managed to cover a large area on four stores with a lot of signal obstructions, like walls, glass curtain, light reflectors, stairs, etc. Quint band model’s ability to support five networks at a time (EGSM900, WCDMA2100, LTE800, LTE 1800, LTE2600) made the system compatible with all UK and European mobile network providers. It was essential for such a great office environment daily visited by many people who use different mobile operators. Smart LCD display, with which all HiBoost repeaters come equipped, rendered support to the installation company while the outdoor antenna mounting. It also ensures convenient use to the customer, allowing keeping control over the current booster performance any time.

HiBoost Team worked hard before and during installation, so we were very pleased to receive the following feedback from our customer, let us underline once again, a world leading Consumer Electronics Company:

‘We had done a research for most of the booster products on the market, HiBoost is the best option for both cost and product quality point of view, we were also surprised by the high level service from sales and support teams of Huaptec who always response very constructively and efficiently during both pre and post sales stages’.

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