Why Internet so slow on my phone
Have you been facing the issues of slow Internet on your phone? This not only becomes frustrating but also tends to take much of your otherwise productive time.

Here are some of the reasons that can be responsible for slow Internet on your phone:
1. Poor internet connection: This one tends to be one of the most common causes of slow Internet on your phone. Poor network quality by your service provider or other reasons like your home or workplace location far from the signal tower can also be a problem. Often, if you are in public, you might face the issue of slow speed because of congested traffic, especially if you are using public wi-fi.

2. Many active apps or tabs: The demand and supply rule applies to the network speed in your phone too. If you keep many apps or tabs active simultaneously on your phone, you might as well end up reducing the speed of your phone. More active tabs mean your phone needs to focus on all those activities simultaneously, resulting in reduced speed.

3. Check the cache: This often happens with most of us, and we neglect the same. If you are facing slow Internet on your phone, checking the cache is another important thing that needs to be considered. This is because if the cache is full, your phone would end up working slow and would give you a hard time browsing te net.

4. Check the network setting: Another thing that you might want to check up on if you are experiencing slow internet speed on your phone is the network setting on your phone. Settings tend to get mixed up most of the time, and the only thing that can resolve this is resting the phone settings. This is as easy as it seems, but most of us tend to forget to check his very common problem.

How to solve the problem
Now that we know what was causing the problem, the next thing that needs to be done is resolve it. Here are a few very simple and easy to implement ways that you can try doing yourself and see if that increases the speed of the Internet on your phone:

1.Restart the device: This might not seem a great idea to most of us but has given much better results than other methods used to speed up the internet connection in the device. This is mainly because you command the phone to reset the network connection and start all over again when you restart the phone. 70 out of 200 times, your slow internet speed problem would be resolved by the same.

2.Toggle the airplane mode: When we talk about toggling the airplane mode, we are using the same basics as when we asked to restart the phone. When you activate and then deactivate the airplane mode, you again ask the mobile device to start the network search from scratch and resolve the problem of slow Internet if it is not much of the mess involved.

3.Reset the network setting: As we talked about the fact that there are instances when the phone’s network settings are the culprit in reducing the internet speed, the best way to solve this issue is by resetting the phone’s network settings. Doing this makes sure that any obstacles in the network path are resolved, and you get a good internet speed.

4.Find the Internet draining app: Apart from active apps, there are times when certain apps tend to drain the internet data even if not in use. It is, therefore, very important to know if you have any of such apps on your phone and make sure you get rid of them as soon as possible. You can follow some simple steps to find such apps on your device:

a.Click on the cellular option from the settings menu on your device.
b.You can now check the internet data used by the device since the last reset. Also, it would show the breakdown of the data used individually by each app. As you do that and find out which app has used the data, you can make sure that it does not get repeated from now on. With the help of et switch next to each app, you can switch off mobile data usage for that particular app. This would mean that even if the mobile data is up and running, the particular app you have switched off the data usage would not be able to use it.

5.Turn off the inactive apps: It is really important to make sure that there are no apps unnecessarily running in the background, utilising the data and reducing the phone’s speed. Turning off the inactive mobile apps from the background would mean that you free up a huge amount of unnecessary space that was being utilized and end up increasing the internet speed on the device.

6.Install ad blockers: Most of us would not be even aware that there are blockers that you can install on your phone, which would make sure that there are no ads at all while you surf the Internet. This means that you refrain from watching unnecessary ads, but the website would also load much faster compared to the times when they have ads along.

7.Data speed booster devices: With the advancement in technology, you would also find devices stat boost up the speed of et Internet. These devices work perfectly well if your home or workplace does not receive good signal strength due to any reasons. They tend to pick up even the weakest of the signals and boos them almost 400 times, giving a perfect internet speed to your phone.

www.hiboost.com is one such one-stop destination for buying speed boost devices according to your requirements and budget.

You can also try some other ways if you do not get the desired internet speed after trying the ideas mentioned above:

1.You can try surfing the Internet on a different browser.
2.Updating the software of the phone also does the trick sometimes.
3.This can be considered as one of the last resorts if nothing else seems to work. You can back up the device and then reset the device to its factory settings.

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