In recent times, your Mobile phones and other smart devices have become an integral part of a day-to-day life. Making a call, using the internet, or even sending a message each one of these requires strong signals in your device. But there is a time when we have to face issues of not so strong signals in cellphone causing interrupted services both at home and at work.

While there are things that can be done in regards to alterations and updations on the phones, there are few instances where nothing of this sort works. That is when you have to take the external help in form of the signal boosters.

Here are a few tips that you can consider to boost the cell signals at home and workplaces without or almost nil expense:

1. Is the building material causing the problem?

This is one of those tips that work almost 9 out of 10 times. There are places where the strength of the mobile signal is weaker than at the other places like outside your house. The enclosed structure of the house tends to interrupt the signals which can be improved by moving outside for a while and permitting the signals to work properly. Materials like concrete, insulation, or even electrical wiring tend to weaken down the signal strength. If you are constructing or planning to construct a new house, it is advisable to keep the type of material being used during the construction so that it does not interfere with the signal strength in future.

2. The room location may be a problem too

It is not always about the material of the house interrupting with the signals. At times, few places in your house have much stronger signals than the other places. You can always ensure that you have an idea about the corners or eth rooms that receive stronger signals and you can move to those places when you feel the signal strength in the cell is going down than expected. If you are not able to find out the best location manually for the strongest signal n your house, you can also use the field test mode of your phone and know the best place to be for the best signal quality.

3. Your device might be at fault

It is not always a good idea to blame the signal strength of the service provider. Sometimes, it is the phone that causes the problem of signal strength. If the above-mentioned tips do not work, you can always get the phone performance checked too. There are instances when the hardware of the phone is no longer suitable to access the fast working speed.

You can also get the phone checked by the professional to make sure it is your device and not the signal strength that is creating a problem. You might also consider buying a new phone if it is your phone that is the culprit.

4. The phone case might be stopping the signals

This may sound a little strange to most of you but has been proved by many researchers. It has been noticed that a majority of phone cases tend to decrease the quality of signal strength. It is hence advisable to remove or change the phone case to check if it is the one creating the mess. Sometimes it is the design and sometimes it is the material of the case which proves to be the culprit. You can keep a close watch or maybe try removing eth phone case to check if that is the case.

5. Wi-Fi calling is always a best idea

Most smartphones nowadays have the feature of making wi-fi calls. This means that you can use the wi-fi signals instead of the phone signals if in case your phone is not able to receive the mobile signals. This feature can be used not just at home and workplaces but also in public places where there is a facility of public wi-fi.

The fact that wi-fi signals have a good frequency in most places makes it convenient and easier for the user to make uninterrupted calls.

6. Switching the networks does the trick some times:

While most of us think that 4G is the one with lightning-fast speed, which is even true to an extent. But there are times when the 4G network becomes overly congested and resulting in the lowering of the speed. It is therefore advisable to switch the network o 3G instead of 4G which might as well work faster than 4G.

7. Signal booster devices are the best resorts

Signal booster devices have been proved to be a blessing for all those who complain about not-so-good signal strength by the network provider mainly because of the location they stay or have the office area in or because of any other reason. These are compact and highly useful devices that enable the normal signals to have increased signal strength.

Now you must be wondering that how do they work. They catch the signal from outside even if that means catching a signal that would be of no use otherwise. These signals are then amplified by these devices. These devices generally consist of 3 parts-

  1. An antenna is mounted on the roof of your home or office.
  2. A small and compact booster unit inside your house.
  3. An antenna is also installed inside the home or workplace.

It has been proved that these devices can improve the strength of the signals to almost 32 times which is a fairly good strength and can help you get out of the low signal issues that you have been facing for a long.

Hiboost is one such wonderful company that you would come across that deals in various types of signal enhancing devices at very nominal prices. Get the cent percent satisfaction with every product you purchase from them.

8. Try looking for a different carrier

A particular service provider might not have been able to provide you with the required signal strength. But this does not mean that others cannot do that either. You can research the signal strength that other service providers would deliver at your home and workplace and take a wise decision to go with the one that promises the best signals.


Good signal strength in mobile devices is no longer a luxury. It is rather a necessity for each one of us and facing low strength issues tends to affect our productivity and other sources of entertainment too. By trying out various options stated above, one can make sure that we know where the problem is and try to solve it accordingly.

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