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Ken Harris lives in a cabin covered in trees in Marion, a small town in North Carolina. He lives in the 450 sq feet home and relies completely on the cellular network to stay reachable for family and work.


It’s a great place to live but one thing had frustrated him that the cell phone signal reception inside his home was horrible. There was usually one to two bars on his phone even outside the building. It’s much worse inside the house. He was unable to use cell service to receive calls, send texts or receive emails inside the house, which has significantly been impacted his daily life and work.

The challenge

Ken’s home is situated in an area that is far from the nearest cellular tower, with dense vegetation and mountains. According to Ken, the outside signal strength varies from winter to summer. In winter, the signal strength ranges from one bar to three bars on a good day while it’s pretty much always one bar to two bars during summer. And it’s worse indoors, especially in his cabin with a metal roof. He believes it has something to do with the outside trees and moisture. He is correct as trees, water and the metal constructions are good signal blockers that prevent cell signal from travelling through and result in poor or even no service indoor.

Ken moves there in order to be close to his elderly mother, whose health decline over time. His mother is dependent on reliable cell service so as to reach out to him, as she needs him badly and quickly. Besides, he also depends on a cell phone to communicate with work at all hours. Therefore, he is desperate to find a way to improve the cellular signal, to get the best cell phone signal booster on the market.

Solution-Hiboost Home 4K Plus Cell Phone Signal booster

Ken started researching the few best cell phone signal boosters and found Hiboost. After taking some time researching and considering, he ordered an Hiboost Home 4K Plus cell phone signal booster from Hiboost store, with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3-year warranty. Featured with a built-in antenna, 4K Plus Kit’s installation has been simplified as there is no need to install an indoor antenna as regular signal boosters do. It also can add external antennae to extend coverage up to 4,000 sq feet.

When it comes to the installation, he also mentioned that Hiboost specialized app-signal supervisor has greatly helped him during the installation process. The most important and difficult part is to locate the best place and direction to mount the outdoor antenna. As he lives in the dollar, he wasn’t able to see any horizon or visually locate any towers. But the app has made it the easiest part of the installation by providing assistance to find the best signal outside the house.

Result- Better Service with Hiboost 4K Plus Cell Phone Signal Booster

Ken now has reliable cell service inside his property, benefiting from Hiboost cell phone signal booster.

“After installing the Hiboost system my cell signal jumped from one bar to three bars on a not-so-good day and from two bars to 4 and sometimes even 5 bars on a better day! The Hiboost I purchased was an excellent investment and a great deal for the money” Explained Ken Harris.

Ken now feels greater peace in mind by knowing his phone is able to receive calls from his elderly mother and information and updates from work. There is no more limit to use cell service, no more dropped or missed calls. Texts are always quick and dependable. Video and internet service is much better than he expected. It’s being uptown within a quarter-mile of the nearest cell tower according to Ken.

Hiboost 4K Plus Cell Phone Signal Booster


Hiboost 4K Plus, certified by FCC, works with all North American cell carriers to deliver voice, texts and 4G cell signal in home or buildings up to 4,000 sq feet. With a built-in antenna, this signal booster kit reaches furtherer cell tower and deliver more power with simplified installation.

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