With tremendous advancement in technology, our efficiency is increasing considerably. And one of the reasons behind this is faster speed and greater connectivity. So naturally, when one experiences a weak cell network, it is bound to make them uncomfortable and anxious. In situations like this people usually rush to the markets to get their phones checked while most of the time a simple solution lies just ahead of us. We have come up with nine easy and effective methods that will most probably fix your problem and will boost your cell signal at home for free.

1. Move to a Different Location Inside Your House

Your location plays a very significant role in deciding what type of signal strength you receive. Some rooms inside your house can have better reception than the others, this is because of the uneven cellular coverage. Try moving into different rooms in your home and you might find a sweet spot that will give your cell signal a powerful boost. However simple this may sound, this is a really effective method and it might save you a trip to the market.

2. Check Your Phone For Damage

Sometimes our cell phones might look perfect on the outside but they may not be so perfect on the inside. Many times we drop our phones causing damage to the internal antenna which is responsible for connecting the calls. If this antenna is damaged, it will not work properly thus becoming the cause for poor signal. Checking your phone for damage will help you make sure that there is some internal problem which cannot be looked after at home and hence you will not be left wondering whether or not you could have saved yourself the money you spent on your phone at the market.

3. Update Your Phone

Phone companies keep on updating the mobile models on a regular basis and most of the time these updates include bug fixes and other solutions to common problems. By simply updating your phone you can fix your cell signal problem. Hence it is advised to keep a regular check on updates on your mobile phone. This may be the easiest and cheapest way of boosting your cell signal at home for free.

4. Check Your SIM Card

Surprisingly this is the most common reason for bad cellular networks. I myself experienced a problem in placing calls a few weeks ago. My phone kept displaying the message “Calls cannot be placed” and this was driving me insane. After a while, I tried to replace the SIM card in its case, and voila! I was able to make phone calls again. Many times we drop our cell phones and while on the outside they seem to be working perfectly, on the inside sometimes the SIM card gets a little bit out of place thus making it difficult for the phone to read the SIM card. Open the case, clean the SIM and place it neatly back in position and you will get back a strong cellular strength.

5. Reboot your phone

This is one of the simplest and most effective methods that you can try at home for boosting your cell signal at home for free. You can try and reboot your phone, and most probably you will get back your cell signal with full strength. Many times small unnoticeable glitches prevail in the network systems and it becomes difficult to identify these glitches individually. By rebooting, you enable a complete shutdown of your system hence shutting down the glitches as well. So when your phone is rebooted, it is almost as if you are operating a new cell with optimum signal strength. In some cases you may not even need to reboot your phone, just toggling the airplane mode switch will restore your network strength to its fullest.

6. Try Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-fi technology has become extremely popular over the last few years. Sometimes we have bad reception but the wi-fi in our homes is very reliable, so make use of this reliable connection to its fullest. Most of the phones these days make use of wi-fi calling and the results are phenomenal. You can enable wi-fi calling in your phone by going to the call settings.

7. Manually Select The Network Operators

This method is effective for android users only. When you go to settings > network > network operators, you get an option to choose your operator either automatically or manually. In most cell phones the default selection is “automatic”, you can change this and manually select the network operators that are available in your area.

8. Switch Carriers

If none of the above methods work then you can try switching your carrier to a one that is better perceived in your area. You may be operating with the best carrier but if the area you live in doesn’t support it, then no matter how good your carrier is, you will still face trouble with your cell signal. So dig a little deeper about your area and try and find out which are the best carriers in your vicinity.

9. Charge Your Phone

This might seem like an unrelated solution to our problem of boosting the cell signal but there is a logical explanation behind it. Our mobile phones make calls by connecting to the nearest base station transceivers. To establish this connection, a certain amount of power is needed. When our phones are fully charged, it is easier to establish this connection, and the connection made is very reliable and strong. But on the other hand, if the mobile battery is too low, then your mobile system will struggle in maintaining an effective and strong connection with the transceiver. So charge your phone battery to the fullest for its optimal functioning.


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