While a survey was conducted recently to understand the most frustrating thing people experience in their daily lives, the results indeed portrayed the importance of cell phones in our lives. According to most people, weak or no cell signals tend to become the most frustrating thing they come across.

Cell phones have become one essential thing for each of us. From messages to calls, from online shopping to office meetings- almost everything we do is related to cell phones in one way or another. And weak cell phone signals, no doubt, tends to bring our lives to a pause. But resuming the halted life is not as difficult as it seems.

Here are some of the steps that can be followed to boost the weak cell signals-
1. Reboot your phone– This is one of the easiest-to-follow tricks to get back lost or strengthen the weak signals. All that needs to be done is reboot the phone. This becomes necessary when you are traveling in roaming zones or traveling internationally.

2. Toggle the airplane mode– Toggling refers to switching the airplane mode on and off s few times. The basic idea behind toggling is that the phone searches for the networks when airplane mode is switched on. When this search is done from scratch, there is a great chance that the cell phone will be able to pick up much better signals than before and consequently solve the problem of weak signals.

3. Check the sim card– There might be instances, especially when you have been using the same sim card for years, where the sim might get damaged or have undergone wear and tear due to continuous use. It is, therefore, advisable to check the condition of the sim if you have been facing the weak cell signals issue at your home. Changing the sim card or even cleaning it thoroughly tends to bring back the signals it was otherwise unable to catch and create various issues.

4. Change the G– Changing the G refers to changing the type of network that you have been using on your cell phone. This can easily be done by following a few steps-
a. Go to the settings tab on your phone.
b. Select the option that says cellular data.
c. Select the Voice and Data tab.
d. Select the type of G, and it is always advisable to start from the highest type of network in your area- 4G or 5G.

5. Use wi-fi– Using wi-fi instead of the cellular network is another very good and easy way to get back the weak signals with much more strength. Using the wi-fi at home or your office and even using it in public places, wherever available, would prevent the frustration that is bought to you by the otherwise weak cell phone signals, which might as well have been interfering with your daily chores.

6. Check the device– After always checking everything related to the phone’s settings, if the problem persists, it is advisable to get the device checked. There is a possibility of damage to any device hardware interfering with the appropriate cell signals. It is advisable to check it with a professional and see if it can be amended within an affordable budget. If not, the best thing to do at that time would be to get a new phone to save yourself from the hassles of experiencing weak signals every day.

7. Update the software– Every cell phone requires updates at regular intervals or when prompted. There are instances when we tend o ignore the reminders for software updates, and eventually, that shows up in the form of various trouble in the cell phone. Call drops and weak or no cell signals are among the common problems that the failure to update the latest software brings. So, if you have been facing the problem of weak cell phone signals, checking the software updated is one of the most integral steps. If you find outdated software, it is advisable to update it to the latest version as soon as possible. You will notice the solution has been achieved to all the problems related to call drop and weak signals after the updation.

8. Change the service provider– The strength of the cell phone signals depends on how far the network tower is from where you are. The farther you are, the weaker the signal strength would be there. If this is causing a problem, it is advisable to check the other service provider with a signal tower near o your home. Once found, the request can be placed to change the service provider for better signal strength.

9. Move to a different place– There s a possibility that you could get good signal strength in one room and weak signal strength in another. This can be because of various reasons, including any obstruction that can be causing very weak signal strength or the room’s location. Therefore, using a room with better signals for calling or using cellular data is advisable.

10. Use signal boostersSignal boosters are devices that can be installed in the house or offices where one experiences weak signal strength. As the name suggests, the signal boosters tend to pick up even the weakest signals from outside, boot them several folds, and deliver us the boosted cell signals. However, this is one of the most expensive options but is also a sure shot and reliable method. There are various types of cell signal boosters available in te market. You can choose one for yourself based on the budget and the requirements, like how weak the cell signals are or what range you would like to be covered with that cell signal booster.

Boosting cell phone signals can be tedious and frustrating, but following the points mentioned earlier would certainly enable you to get the signal strength back with minimal effort. Be it our home, workplace, or anywhere outside, weak cell signals can cause trouble everywhere. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the cell phone signals are strong enough everywhere, which can be made sure in a few easy steps within budget.

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