How Our Affiliate Program Works?

By joining our affiliate program, you’ve understood and agreed with our Affiliate Program Agreement.

Register your affiliate account. 

We will review your account very soon. When you account is active. You can access your affiliate dashboard via

*Payment email address means the email address where you want to receive PayPal payments for commissions.

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In the affiliate dashboard, you can click Generate Link to get your unique referral URL.

For example: if your affiliate ID is 27, your referral URL would be: You could have referral link for a specific page by adding “?ref=27” to the page URL, for example:

Copy this link to your website or channel, and every sale generated by visiting the link will be attributed to your account.

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We pay 8% out of each sale: excluding tax and discounts from referral commission calculation. We will pay our affiliates by the end of each month when the affiliate’s commision is over $100. For refunded orders, we will recall the commission.

For example, if you get $390 commisions, we will pay you $390 by the end of the month. If you only get $59 commisions, we won’t pay you this month, and if you get another $59 next month, we will pay you $118 at that month.

You can check the real time commission and payment status from the affiliate dashboard. If you want to end the affilliate program, we will pay all your commisions even less than $100 before disabling the account.