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1. What’s the difference between the Smart Link Series and PlusSeries ?

In addition to different amplification, appearances, and prices, the indoor antenna of the Plus is built in the amplifier. You do not need to run extra indoor cable for the indoor antenna like a Smart Link booster with a panel indoor antenna. Besides the Smart Link is featured with a metal case while 4K Plus comes with an ABS case.

2. What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office?
A cell phone signal booster boosts 3G and 4G signal across major American and Canadian carriers on all cellular devices. It allows you to end dropped calls, unsent or delayed texts and slow data speeds. It requires no subscription or recurring fee. It’s an effective way to improve weak signal and stayed connected in your homes and offices.

3. How does a cell phone signal booster work?
For homes and offices with nearly no service and weak or unusable signal outside the home or office, a cell phone signal booster can be used to amplify the signal and improve the signal strength inside.
A cell phone signal booster includes three parts: the outdoor antenna, the signal booster, and the indoor antenna(and cable to connect them)
The outdoor antenna communicates and receives a signal from a cell phone tower nearby and transmits a signal to the booster. Then, the signal booster amplifies the outdoor signal and sends a stronger signal to the connected indoor antenna. The booster’s indoor antenna broadcasts the amplified signal to all cell phone or cellular devices throughout the home or office.
Small and large homes and offices with poor reception can benefit from one of Hiboost signal booster to improve signal to stop dropped call and improce slow data for all carries across multi-phone and device.

4. How to Choose the Best Signal Booster for Home and office?
There are a few things to consider when choosing a cell phone signal booster for home and office. The signal strength outside your house, size of your home, number of walls, your carriers, number of users and devices and price.

HiBoost cell phone signal boosters for house and office are compatible across North America to improve voice quality, text and data speed for homes or offices up to 15,000 sq feet with any wall density. HiBoost signal booster will be able to boost your signal as long as there is usable signal outside the property. The stronger the outside signal strength, the better the performance of the signal amplifier. As a leading manufacturer, HiBoost offers a 3-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime US-based technical support for all products. They are all FCC and IC certified and work with all US and Canadian carriers without monthly subscription or recurring fee. HiBoost is also the first to provide a Signal Supervisor app, an all-in-one assistant for easy installation and remote control of your HiBoost device.