HiBoost Global Brand

Our global family is passionate about everything cellular.

Hiboost is a part of the Huaptec global family and we are the leading manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters and mobile signal enhancement solutions in the global market. Our company is committed to providing comprehensive wireless mobile signals coverage solutions to boost 3G and 4G LTE mobile network for both of consumers and mobile operators.

Smart Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Our focus is on developing and manufacturing quality products that keep our customers connected to the fast-paced world around them.

All of our product are integrated with our Hiboost application, the first cloud-based technology that allows all types of users to install monitor, opitimize and troubleshoot your cellphone booster devices at any time from anywhere.


Collaborative leadership for a brighter future.

The Hiboost team is dedicated to collaborating with valued partners to deliver the optimal solutions.

3GPP compliant technology.

All Hiboost cellular products were built to meet the 3GPP international standard for telecommunication technology.

Our partnership with companies in over 50 countries world-wide

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