A cost-effective solution.

Communication technology is often a important challenge that many operators have to overcome when living and
working in remote energy production sites. HiBoost can
increase efficiency, productivity and safety by leveraging
our powerful signal boosting technology on-site

Fleet-sized solution to get drivers
where they need to be.

Transportation and logistics is a huge part of the energy
industry. Now companies can consistently keep their
employees safe and connected while on the road in
remote, rural areas with a Travel 4G 2.0 cell phone booster.
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company with a fleet solution.

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How To Determine Your Solution

**These are professional-grade signal boosters and they must be sold and installed by an authorized dealer. **

Best Selling Enterprise Cell Phone Boosters

Networks : EGSM/ UMTS 900 + DCS/ LTE 1800

Coverage : up to 300 - 500 square meters

Max.Gain : 65 dB

Networks : EGSM 900, DCS 1800, 3G 2100, 4G LTE 800&2600

Coverage : fino a 1500 - 4000 mq

Max.Gain : 70 dB