With the advancement in technology, our life seems to revolve around cell phones. But what if the weak signals in the cellphone tend to be a hurdle? It needs a solution without any delay. Here are 8 easy ways to improve the weak cell signals, which are not just easy to implement but are also easy on your pockets. They are:

improve the weak cell signals

1. Remove devices that interfere with the signals: For your phone to be able to work smoothly and receive appropriate signals from the network tower, the transmission must be uninterrupted. Many a time, these signals get blocked by natural things, which cannot be resolved though. And then comes interferences like bricks, concrete, metals, and similar things which cannot be taken off but one can make sure that he finds out the way to improve the signal strength by techniques like moving towards the window or moving outside. Also, one may have certain electronic devices that can hamper or affect the signal strength.

2. Don’t let the cell phone battery go extremely low: This might sound a little off track but critically low cell phone battery is one of the causes for weak signal strength in your cell phone. When the cell phone tries to get connected to the nearby signals from the network tower, it tends to drain the battery, a lot f it. And when the battery is low, the ability of the cell phone to connect to the strongest signal nearby gets affected too. This results in weak signal strength, thereby affecting the overall functionality of the device. It is therefore advisable to make sure that you do not let the battery of the cell phone reach a critically low level.

3. Identify the nearest network tower: This might not be as useful s the other methods to improve the cell signals but locating the nearest network tower would give you clarity about the actual reason behind weak signal strength in your cell phone. Some ways can be used to find the nearest network tower. One would find multiple apps in the play store that helps to detect the nearest network towers. You can also check for ted b value in your cell phones by following a few easy steps.

4. Use wi-fi: Another way that you can use order to make sure that the weak cell signals are not affecting the productivity of your cell phone or are not creating an obstacle in any of your chores is by using the wi-fi calling features. If you have a broadband connection at home, you can make calls using the wi-fi calling features which are provided along with the broadband connection at no extra cost.

5. Place the cell phone at signal receiving areas: While most of us would remember the external antennas that the old mobile phones used to have, some of us might not be aware of their actual use. They were used to getting connected to the most strong signal around. Though the latest phones do not have these antennas these days if we try to place them or get to a place where there are minimal hurdles or obstacles, it is where the cell phones would be able to receive strong signals. For most of us, taking the cell phone close to the window of the room works because that is where the external hurdles are overcome.

6. Try to get yourself in less populated areas: If an area is overpopulated, it is obvious that each one of those having mobile phones would be trying to receive the signals that are being transmitted from the nearest tower. If you are in a populated area and you feel that your cellphone is not receiving appropriate signals, it is advisable to move away to a place that is densely populated or not over crowed. This would ensure that the nearest signals are being connected to your cellphone not vigorously.

7. Easy fixes: While we are discussing the ways to improve the signal strength in your cell phone, let us not forget to talk about the easy things that you can do on your phone if in case you are either not getting good strengthen of signals or there is no network at all:

a.Toggle the airplane mode: Switching the airplane mode on and then deactivating is a type of very successful way that can help you get the lost network on the cell phone. What it does when you activate and then deactivate the airplane mode is that your device tends to search for the signals from scratch when is activated from the deactivated mode. This works most of the time for mobile users.

b.Check if cellular data is on: We tend to ignore simple things like checking if the cellular data is activated or not. It is hence advisable to check if in case you are not receiving the signals in your cell phone.

c.Check time and date: At the time, especially when the device has been formatted, the time and data are not set accurately. This results in no network in the cell phone. Hence the accurate time and date should also be checked thoroughly.

d.Restart the phone: Restarting the phone works on the same phenomenon as that of toggling the airplane mode. When you restart the phone, you are asking the device to search for the mobile network all over again which tends to work most of the time for the users.

e.Reinsert the sim: There are times when the sim gets distracted from its original and correct place slot due to an accidental fall. It is hence advisable to reinsert the sim in the device if your cell phone is not receiving the signals.

f.Reset the phone setting: Resting all the phone settings is also one of those very successful ways that work for the users if their mobile phone fails to connect to the network signals.

8. Signal booster devices: There are a variety of signal booster devices available in the market that tend to pick up even the weakest of the signals, amplify them and then send them to the device. You can also visit www.hiboost.com to take a look at the wide range of such devices and pick up the one that suits your requirements.

Conclusion: No matter which model phone you carry, old or new but when it comes to network problems, it causes lit of discomfort and inconvenience. It is therefore suggested to follow the above-mentioned tricks with the device itself and the surroundings to ensure your cell phone receives good quality signals.

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