With the flourishing development of communication tools, like texts, emails, phone calls, video calls, many people choose texts or emails to send messages because of the convenience and the ability to text while doing other things. But phone calls give a more vivid and prompt response, and making a phone call is more private compared with face-to-face video calls. In the past, phone calls have led the primary form of communication for about a half-century. Even though now, more functional alternatives have thrived, phone calls still play a vital role in people’s daily life and business contact.

But there is a dilemma that sometimes, people get trapped in bad signal reception. Thus, the whole joyful communication drops off suddenly. It’s annoying. So please try to make phone calls in an area with good signal coverage!

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Here we are about to introduce the benefits of phone calls for life and business while the prerequisite is that your cell phone is in a good signal reception.


  • For Daily Life

We’ve indeed ignored making phone calls as WhatsApp groups and emojis gradually account for our life. Usually, when encountering an unknown number, we swerve answering or hanging up quickly. But we might forget something treasurable about phone calls in our life. Have you ever had such a time when you spent hours talking to your friends, sitting at home on a landline while you were a teenager? Or have you ever had such an old-school romance that you gradually fell asleep listening to the voice of the person you loved till your cell phone’s battery run out automatically? In the earlier past, we romanticize getting proper letters in pen and ink, but we’ve forgotten the pleasure and sense of connection we get from hearing someone’s voice. Of course, without dropping-call disturbs.

  1. Increase likeability via voice

Blog-phone call-2We can keep in constant touch with friends and family via phone calls, sometimes, even pass spare time or discuss studies with friends on the phone. These communications help build a positive emotional bond on the phone, narrowing the psychological distance between speakers and enhance honesty. Experts have proven that when emotions, tone, and pace are included in the conversation, people are more likely to be real and be honest. Sometimes, clear voice inflection also helps us eliminate conflicts and understand true messages.

  1. Strengthen connection and build intimacy

Blog-phone call-3Taking time to talk with significant people shows them that you care and invest in the relationship between you and your friends. Especially for a new relationship, making regular phone calls is a good way to show interest and increase intimate communications. When you hear your partner’s reaction, inflection, and tone of their voice, you’ll get a better understanding of them emotionally and heighten your communication skills with that person. Remember the charm of overnight calls with your beloved? It’s crazy yet but a good medicine for a young relationship!


  1. Be more focused while talking on the phone

Blog-phone call-4While speaking on the phone, we usually pay more attention so that we can have rapid exchanges when something doesn’t make sense. Also, phone calls help us to stay on the same page when planning where to meet up later or discussing an emotionally-charged topic. What’ more, response rate expectations don’t exist on the phone. Making phone calls will always be a healthier and more efficient form of communication.


  • For Business

For business expansion and developing, prompt call contact with clear voice to customers is critical. Though there are many different ways to contact someone and the use of phone calls ending up because of other options like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and email, and many more. Speaking to someone’s call cannot beat speaking on any other medium. A responsive phone call with a solid connection is also important to develop business.

  1. Improve reliability

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Reliability plays a large part in your bottom line. In fact, for many companies, such as the auto industry, it is the most sought-after characteristic. Phone call feedback is not new but practical manner to improve the reliability of your brand. In more cases, a simple phone call with a clear voice and modest tone shores up your customers’ confidence in your products. The more reliable your product is, the higher the repurchase rate will be! Customers often return to your products for other business decisions when they trust you.


  1. Reduce communication confusion

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Complex problems are simple and quick to solve over phone calls. It is extremely easy for customers to explain their problems in detail on the phone. And this avoids long email threads. Speaking over the phone is often the best option for issues like scheduling appointments, asking for deliverables, etc. But a single phone call, as long as with good signal conditions, can save hours of frustration. As a result, this helps enhance work efficiency dramatically.


  1. Optimize brand image

Blog-phone call-7A responsive phone call will better-off brand image. Not only does it show you are reliable, but it also helps your brand seem more caring and organized. If you want to build a trustworthy image in front of your customers, you’ll need to set up a good phone contact system. It’s hard to put a numerical value on good branding, but it’s clear that it places a large part in your bottom line.

Although the technology and improvement of phones have been changed and upgraded as time passes-by, making phone calls is not an out-of-date manner both for daily contact and business development. Instead, your best bet for communicating effectively and building a connection with your customer or partner may be to just pick up the phone and call them.


As what have been mentioned above, phone calls are essential for life and work. But there is one thing that cannot be ignored. Check out the signals strengths before making a phone call for the sake of smooth and steady communication!

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