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Models: C27-5S-BTW

Carrier quality components and high-end accessories ensure that you stay connected to distant towers no matter how far. Explore with confidence knowing you’ll have reliable cell connection wherever you are.

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Will the magnet antenna work with aluminum or fiberglass?

The best option is to attach a double-sided adhesive like 3M on the magnet antenna so that it can attach to the vehicle.  We strongly recommend a soft install first to make sure the location of the antenna will work properly before using a permanent adhesive for mounting the antenna.

Can I use a Yagi Directional antenna on my RV?

Yes, you can.  In fact, we recommend our booster kits that come equipped with direction Yagi antenna’s.  If your RV is stationary, then you can perform a 1 time setup.  If you travel from site to site, you will have to setup the Yagi antenna each time you change locations.  This antenna is not built to work while the RV is in motion.

Can I use a Cell Phone Signal Booster in a car with 12v DC power?

Yes, it can be used.  Our vehicle boosters will come equipped with the proper car adapter.

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