Travel RV

HiBoost Travel RV cell phone signal booster to amplify 3G & 4G LTE signal for car and truck. Support all US carriers: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and more. 3-year Warranty.


Networks : 3G and 4G LTE

Max.Gain : 50 dB

  • Powerful antenna system
  • Quality carrier grade design
  • HiBoost App helps fine tune max. power

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Peace of Mind at Travelling

HiBoost vehicle booster enhances your connection that helps you send messages of safety to families and share beautiful photos to friends freely. All left to you is just enjoying your travelling.

HiBoost Cell phone signal booster for RV-peace of mind at travelling

Control at the Tip of Your Fingers

Connect to the HiBoost App, you can get in-App installation guide and tools. around the clock status notifications and you can keey an eye on the signal status.

HiBoost Travel 4G Cell Phone signal booster for car-signal for everyone

Pretty Powerful Design

Kitted with a powerful outdoor antenna that can reach distant towers to amplifer your signal wirelessly throughout your car.

HiBoost Cell phone signal booster for RV-amplifier signal

Signal For Everyone

Wirelessly amplify your signal to multiple devices using our indoor cell phone booster antenna.

HiBoost Cell phone signal booster for RV
HiBoost Cell phone signal booster for RV-indoor antenna

Stable Signal All the Way

Keep your booster running at peak performance with automatic gain control function.

Start Your Adventure

Pack your bags and hit the road without a worry with our new Travel RV cell phone booster.

HiBoost Cell phone signal booster for RV-On the road

Tech Spec

Working Bands

698-716 / 776-787 / 824-849 / 1850-1915 / 1710-1755

UL Frequency Range

728-746 / 746-757 / 869-894 / 1930-1995 / 2110-2155

DL Frequency Range

Band 12 / Band 13 / Band 5 / Band 25-2 / Band 4

Supported Standards

CDMA, WCDMA, GSM, EDGE, HSPA+, EVDO, LTE and all other cellular standards

Maximum Gain

50 dB

Maximum Output Power

UL 24 dBm, DL 10 dBm

MGC(Step Attenuation)

≥ 25 dB / 1 dB step

I/O Port



50 ohm

Environment Condition



8.6 in × 6.5 in× 2 in/ 218 mm × 165 mm × 50 mm


≥ 5.0 lb / 2.2 kg

Power Supply

Input AC 100~240 V,50/60 Hz, Output DC 12 V/3 A