Ever struggled with bad cell phone signal reception in your vehicle when on the road? Ever wondered what caused you not having 4 or 5 bars on your phone for a consistent and clear call? Why you used to get a reliable connection but now you don’t and occasionally drop calls?

Generally, there are two main causes of bad signal reception in your vehicles: distance and obstructions. You and your vehicles are too far from the nearest cell tower. The signal is too weak or may even not be able to be detected. The other factor is that obstruction between you and the tower blocks or weakens the signal to your vehicles, like man-made construction materials, terrains and vegetation, to be more specifically, construction materials like concrete and brick for buildings, mountains, hills, ridges, shrubbery, trees and more. Your vehicles itself is also a culprit for weak signal reception, leading to one or two bars on your phones.  

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In the remote areas, distance is to be blamed for the bad signal reception; it was also a factor for bad signal reception in cities but it should be no longer a culprit as nowadays, carriers add more cell towers and expand coverage. Instead, interference between phone and the tower is one of the factors why you’re getting unreliable service in urban areas. Materials used to made of your vehicles such as metal and coated glass also take their parts in poor signal reception. 

How to improve signal reception in vehicles?

We all drive a lot; most of us have the same route on a regular basis. We drive for work on the business. we drive for a gym or shopping on a weekly basis. Sometimes, we take our family on a travel adventure on the weekend with the newly brought RV.

Reliable cell phone signal connection enhances our productivity, efficiency and more importantly, keep us safe on the road by ensuring us connected with our phone all the time, which is extremely when we’re on the road. Emergency cases can happen. 

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Imagine that you’re driving on the road, your car breaks down on an interstate, and you get more frustrated when you find out poor signal reception on the spot. You even could not be able to make a clear call for help. Imagine that you’re driving the same route, getting a dropped call from an important client. What about when you’re having a fun weekend with your kids, you would like to call the kids’ grandparents or share some pic. The unreliable service stops you from doing so. Therefore, actions should be taken to stop poor reception on the go. How can you make it? Check out some tips.

1. Check your phone.

Check out whether your phone is running out of power at the very first place. Have it charged if the battery is low. There is a possibility that low battery affects your phone’s ability to receive a signal from a cell tower. Besides, take off your phone case and change the way how you rest your finger. Don’t let the phone case or your hand cover where the built-in antenna of your phone. It’s also advised that you upgrade your phone. 

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2. Change your location 

If it’s urgent, stop to find a safe spot and park your car. Then walk around or increase your elevation by going up higher land to see whether you can get a stronger and stable signal for you to make the emergency call. 

If’s not necessary, I would rather suggest that you check after a few minutes. You may be driving between two cellular towers. You’re driving towards the edge of the tower’s coverage area, nearly out of range of both cell towers, no wonder why have terrible not enough bars on your phone. Keep driving for a few minutes, till you have a new cell tower to hop to. You will retain a stronger signal. 


3. Change your network type

Switching network type may help. Turn off the 4G network and switch to 3G or even 2G to see whether you can receive a better connection.

4. Get A Signal Booster. 

HiBoost Cell phone signal booster for RV-indoor antenna

A vehicles signal booster can effectively improve your weak 2G, 3G and 4G signal within your car, bringing you with stronger signal for better call and text, clearer voice quality and faster internet. The outside antenna pulls in the signal from a cell tower near your car, then the signal booster amplifies and signals received and the inside antenna rebroadcasts the strengthened signal throughout the cars. Therefore, you can have improved signal and have more bars on your phone. 


Hiboost Signal Booster for Vehicles

No one lives in a place where he can get solid and consistent signal connection all the time. And unreliable service is more often seen on the move, a signal booster is your best solution and Hiboost is your answer.

At Hiboost, we improve your on-the-go signal strength by offering signal booster for different vehicles type including sedan, car, truck, RV and more. They all FCC approved and works great with US and Canadian carriers. There is no need to change your cell service. Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee and 3-year warranty. 

Check out Hiboost best cell phone signal boosters to improve signal when on the road:

  • Amplify signal for cars
  • Multiple users and devices
  • Support all US carriers
  • Boost 2G/3G/4G
  • First to provide Signal Supervisor App, an all-in-one signal assistant
  • One-time purchase, no recurring fee
  • No need an internet connection.


HiBoost Travel 4G 2.0

  1. For cars, vans and SUV.
  2. Up to 50 dB of Gain
  3. Complete kit
  4. Low power consumption, work with portable battery charger


Travel 4G 2.0 RV

  1. For RV and Camper
  2. Up to 50 dB of Gain
  3. Complete kit  
  4. Low power consumption, work with portable battery charger

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