How our affiliate program works?

Register your affiliate account.

We will review your account very soon. When your account is active. You can click to access your affiliate dashboard

*Website URL could be personal social medial link or your website link if you have one.

Generate exclusive referral links on your affiliate dashboard for share on your website or personal social media.

For example: if your affiliate ID is 68, your referral URL would be: You could have referral link for a specific page by adding “?ref=68” to the page URL, for example:

Copy and share this link to your website or social media platform, any referral sales generated by visiting the link will be attributed to your account.

Please notice: You can not use your own affiliate link to purchase items and earn commission. These orders will be automatically identified as invalid orders and you won’t earn any commission. 

12% commission is offered for the first 6 months, and 8%-10% commission after the warm-up period. When your commission amount is over $100, you would get paid at the end of each month, , please mind tax fee and discounts would be excluded from final commission calculation, and commissioned for refunded orders would be recalled.

You can check the real time commission and payment status from your affiliate dashboard. when you want to end the affiliate partnership, your commission would be paid even it’s less than $100 before the account be closed.