We founded Hiboost only with one single goal: to keep people connected with stronger signal no matter at home or on-the-go.
We believe everyone deserves seamless connection and understand how essential constant signal is to stay reachable. No one should be left in disconnection.

We care about every detail of the products, aiming to improve your life through consistent and seamless communications in both voice and data no matter where you go. We push our products to the limit so as to give you the best signal booster with the most competitive price. Then, you have the ease to reach your world, with no dropped call or small slow data rates. We have 3 international subsidiaries in the US, Europe and India. In the past 10 years, we’ve brought Hiboost to over 30 countries and received a lot of love.

We are a global technology-driven company with dedicated people who are passionate to provide customers with the best products. We are you, more or less, have ever experienced or suffered from bad cellular signal problem, so we understand you and was eager to release you from it with our quality products. We are a group of people looking forward to making the world a better-connected place, and we’re glad to have you being part of it.

why hiboost

Signal Supervisor APP

It’s the cornerstone of Hiboost. By using the cloud-based APP, users can control the booster at a distance with a mobile device. All you need is to install a free HiBoost app Signal Supervisor from Google Play or App Store.

Industrial Grade Components

All of our products inherit a number of characteristics from our industrial class products, including superior metal housing, improved heat dissipation, and precision engineering that results in a stronger and more stable signal.

LCD Display

It makes the installation process easier by allowing the user to visualize signal strength without having to use multiple devices.

More Optional Kits

Designed for each unique scenario. Whether you want invisible antenna or more powerful antenna to optimize the signal reception, HiBoosthas optional antenna to blend in with your home décor so that your antennas and cables won’t stick out like a sore thumb.


US and Canadian Carriers

So far. Hiboost has partnered with companies in 50 countries worldwide. We’re glad to invite individual distributors. resellers and dealers to join us. We’ll help provide quality products, fast delivery, and local customer service with professional support and resources, for more loyal customers, better feedbacks, revenue.

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