HiBoost is a smart and simple solution for poor mobile signal reception. It’s designed for common end users who are suffering signal hardships at home or at work every day. No calls breaks or slow data rates any more, just put this box inside your home or office and enjoy smooth signal coverage throughout!

HiBoost devices can handle any mobile signal problem whether it is poor calls, text or slow mobile data (2G, 3G, 4G/LTE). According to the number of networks they support, Hiboosters can be distinguished in single, dual, tri- and five bands.

HiBoost signal boosters are powerful enough to cover any indoor area from a small apartment, house, café, garage up to 500 sq.m. (Home&Office Series) to a huge office building, shopping center, hospital, hotel, taking up to 5500 sq.m. and more (PRO Series). This year we are also launching vehicle signal boosters designed to keep your signal optimal while you’re on the go.

Single Band


Dual Band




        EGSM + DCS/LTE1800 + WCDMA

Five Band

   EGSM + DCS/LTE1800 + WCDMA + LTE800 + LTE2600

Single Band


Dual Band



Triband    |   Five Band

        EGSM + DCS/LTE1800 + WCDMA         EGSM + DCS/LTE1800 + WCDMA +

                                                                         LTE800 + LTE2600

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Easy Installation

Measure the outdoor signal properly

The most important stage of booster kit installation is fixing an outdoor antenna. Finding it can be a problem if you’re not a professional installer. With Signal Supervisor app you’ll manage to measure your signal with a precise signal meter tool and find the best point for antenna mounting in seconds. Moreover, you can go through all installation steps with an app installation guide.

Convenient Monitoring

Keep an eye on booster from your phone

Thanks to the app you can control your booster any time at any distance. Most of the time, no manual set up is needed as the device has smart auto setup or automatic gain control. However if it’s necessary, you’ll get a push notification that there’s some problem with a system.

Set up at a distance

Optimize booster performance from anywhere

If you’re an installer, you can request administrator rights from us and set up the booster right from the app. In particular, you’ll be able to check the status of Alarms and increase or decrease booster’s gain if it’s necessary.

There’s no point in fixing an indoor antenna separately and drill a hole in the wall, booster only is enough to cover and enhance a signal throughout a small area of 300-500 sq.m. So, an inbuilt antenna will save your efforts and time while installation and help escape extra cabling.

You can add an external antenna if it’s needed to extend a coverage area with no trouble. Moreover, the models have an integrated adapter, so that you don’t have to face any splitter hassle adding one more indoor antenna.

Any HiBoost model is highly flexible and can be tailored according to your needs so that it perfectly covers all your area. It’s realized with the help of extra indoor antennas or our Optional Kits and other accessories that go supplemented to a standard kit.

Home&Offcie series boosters are recommended for upgrade with 2-3 extra antennas. PRO Series, being more powerful and experiencing less power loss, can be upraded up to 8 and even more indoor antennas.