How to buy a product in your online store?

Make a purchase in our online shop is extremely easy. First choose a product you’d like to buy, then click on “SHOP NOW” button and make a payment. As soon as we receive your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail and ship the product to your delivery address.

If there’s no such an option available, click “GET A QUOTE” and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

How long will it take to get my order?

Normally delivery takes about 2-5 business days. As soon as we receive an order from you, it’s immediately redirected to our shipping department, where your booster is carefully packed. Order preparation takes about 1 day. After that our express courier picks up your product and delivers it directly to your door.

Do you ship to my country?

Sure, we send our products worldwide. However, if you’re out of EU zone, your shipping rate will be higher and you have to pay customs fees. 

How do I cancel an order?

Users can cancel their current order giving customer support a call at +44 (20) 3239-5808 or writing an e-mail at

Can I return the booster if it doesn't fit me?

Sure, you can make a return within 60 days after you receive a booster kit. We can change the booster for another one or give your money back according to our moneyback policy. Please, visit our Terms and Conditions page to know more about our conditions.

Can I change the booster for another one?

Yes, you can. You can change the booster within the period of 60-day period after you receive a kit. We kindly ask you to contact us before you decide to make a replacement. Please, go to our Terms and Conditions page to know what our policy regarding booster replacement is.

How does a booster work?

Booster’s working principle is quite simple. An outdoor antenna receives a signal from the nearest mobile base station and transmits it to a booster. The device amplifies the signal and spreads it all over the area with an indoor antenna. Booster works in a duplex mode, which means that it not only gets the signal from the mobile tower but upon receiving sends it back.  

How to choose the right booster for me?

To choose a correct booster model for you, identify the area you need to cover in square meters or feet and network you need to improve: calls, 3G/4G mobile data or both. Pick up the category in the top menu (Home&Office – small area, PRO – large area, vehicle – passenger car, truck, etc.) and then the area in square meters within filter options. What a joy, here’s your booster selection to choose from. 

How to install a signal booster?

You can easily install a mobile signal booster on your own. Installation is performed in 4 simple steps:

1) Fix an outdoor antenna in the point with good signal reception outside the house,

2) mount the booster and an indoor antenna inside house/office where signal is the poorest,

3) connect antennas and the booster with cables,

4) plug in the booster to a power supply and enjoy strong cellular coverage!

For more information, please download our app Signal Supervisor and go through all the installation steps with its hep. You can also refer to the manual to your device or contact our technical support.

Do I need to buy antenna and cables for a booster?

HiBoost booster comes in a full kit with 1 indoor antenna or an inbuilt one, 1 outdoor antenna and cable(s), so you don’t have to buy anything extra. You can add antennas or splitters to extend a coverage zone of your booster. See Accessory collection page to choose extra stuff for your device.  

Will Hiboost work for my operator?

Each mobile operator transmits 2G, 3G and 4G signals at certain frequencies. To be sure the chosen booster will work correctly, check if its frequency(ies) supports your operator or contact our tech team for consultation.

HiBoost 5S models support all five mobile frequency standards supported all across EU zone. This device will work for any network 100%.

How many phones can HiBoost booster support?

Normally HiBoost booster is able to support from 80 to 220 phones. The quantity of phones also depends on the resource conditions of the mobile operator and cell tower capacity nearby.

How do I know the booster is working at optimum performance?

As soon as you finish the installation and plug in the booster to a power supply, you will see LCD screen light up. It means the booster has been mounted correctly and it has started amplifying mobile signals through all the area.

Using the Signal Supervisor app, you can connect to the booster and determine if the booster is working optimally. You can also use the LCD display to read the live status of the booster. Finally, you can simply check it with your mobile phone. If a number of bars shown on the screen has increased and you can accept and make calls, the system is functioning well.     

Where can I download Signal Supervisor app?

Signal Supervisor app is available on App Store and Google Play. You can download and use it for free. 

What does Signal Supervisor help to do?

With Signal Supervisor app you can:

  1. Connect your booster with your phone or tablet and monitor its performance at anytime from anywhere
  2. Go through all installation steps with an app that will explain and consult you as a tech expert 
  3. Measure outdoor signal strength with a precise signal meter tool to mount the outdoor antenna in the right place and guarantee booster optimal performance
  4. In case of trouble share your device and problem with a tech guy online 

If you’re an installer, you can contact our support team to ask for administrator rigths and set up a booster or a group of them remotely in addition to the above mentioned functions.

After booster system installation, I still have poor signal strength. What should I do?

Try to take the following measures:

1) Check that the equipment is on and is working properly.

2) Make sure that there’re at least 2-3 signal bars in the place where outdoor antenna is fixed. If there’s no signal, change the antenna position.

3) Check if there is no self-oscillation. Heavy cell tower interference will make booster shut down automatically. In this case you will need to adjust antennas’ position and enlarge distance between them (at least 5 m).

4) Check the connections between the antennas/booster and the cable to see if they are not loose.

5) Check if the booster is powerful enough for the area you’d like to cover. Mind that thick walls and stairs can be serious obstacles for a signal.  If the signal is still weak, please call or write an e-mail to our support service.

I’m getting good reception close to the indoor antenna, but I lose it when I walk away.

Normally, booster’s coverage is based on the outdoor signal. The better signal strength you get outside, the bigger coverage range you can get inside. Try placing the outdoor antenna into a location with better signal reception or, please, call our technical experts for more assistance.

Why do all of a sudden I have less coverage than before?

Possible reasons may be:

1) The outdoor and indoor antennas are too close to each other.

2) The temperature of the equipment is too high, possibly due to sunlight.

3) The connection between the cable and equipment is loose.

4) The system has burnt because of the lightning or voltage surge.

If our recommendations don’t work, please, call our hotline for more assistance.

How much separation is required between the outdoor and indoor antennas?

Our recommended distance is a minimum of 20 ft between both antennas and that distance should be more vertical than horizontal.  If you are in a space limited area it is quite possible you can provide a blockage of signal by using certain materials between the two antennas. 

My ISO is flashing on my LCD screen. What does that mean?

If you have a blinking ISO, then you have some oscillation between the outdoor antenna and the indoor antenna.  Make sure that they are separated by 20ft minimum, and vertical distance is more important than horizontal distance. 

My ALC is flashing on the screen, what do I do?

The ALC or Automatic Level Control will automatically adjust the gain on a booster based on the current signal environment.  If you ALC is flashing, this just indicates the automatic gain control is working properly.