It began in 2009. This year the company Shenzhen Huaptec Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen, China and the same year it established its major booster manufacture. At first Huaptec was mostly concentrated on professional equipment for network providers like digital repeaters and on OEM production of consumer boosters for end users. 

Within the following 6 years the company was breaking new ground hard. By 2015 it developed its own brand of consumer products HiBoost and approached the world market opening 3 international subsidiaries in India, the USA and Europe.

Here in Germany we represent the part of Huaptec global family, the European subsidiary Huaptec Telecom GmbH. We strive to reach out broad audience from common mobile phone users to telecom network carriers and offer them a huge variety of solutions for poor cell phone signal reception. Either you want to cover your home or office, or a large commercial building, we’ll meet every your need.

Huaptec manufacture is equipped with modern hi-tech machinery. It includes the latest SMT line, 8 debugging lines and 6 assembly lines. Some part of the most delicate engineer work is performed even manually.

The materials the booster is made of are highly technological and reliable plactic and aluminium. All of our products are integrated with smart functions Automatic Gain and Level control as well as our Hiboost application, the latest cloud-based technology that allows all types of users to install monitor, opitimize and troubleshoot your cellphone booster devices at any time from anywhere.

We are proud of Research and Development Department, taking up to 400 sq.m. of offices and laboratories with 89 units of high precision equipment. The engineers working there make up 33% of all the company staff. R&D department is engaged in the development of new booster models, materials, software and production technologies. 

After production each model passes through a number of exploitation and safety tests. Such a thorough preparation of the product before a release guarantees high working efficiency and strict conformity to quality standards.

Huaptec is a certified ISO 9001-2015 manufacturer. The company also got CE RED and RoHS safety approvals on all the goods they produce. The certificates were issued in the international and European accredited test laboratories among which the accredited Phoenix Test Lab in Germany.

The Hiboost team is dedicated to collaborating with valued partners to deliver the optimal solutions to the world.

We’re proud to have served over hundreds of operators and more than 100,000 customers to optimize their cell phone signal.