A signal booster is the most effective way to improve signal reception. But you need to install it correctly before you enjoy its advantages, like fewer dropped calls, better call quality and faster data speed at a home, office or on the road. The signal booster’s performance a larger extent depends on the proper installation. It’s also a common concern and frequently asked questions among our customers or potential users.

Signal booster’s installation is a process that includes a few steps but each step are not difficult to handle. Let’s take a look at the installation breakdown. It takes minutes but it’s worth as proper installation is essential.

Install a signal booster at home

As you may have known that a signal booster kit mainly includes three components: an outdoor antenna, a booster unit, an indoor antenna.HiBoost-Dot-How-it-work

1. Install the outdoor antenna
Mount the outdoor antenna to a location where you have the best signal, place it as high as possible, usually at the top of the building. It’s extremely crucial to have a separated distance between the indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna, to avoid the interference between two antennas, which is also known oscillation. Generally, at least 20 feet vertical or 50 feet horizontal separation is recommended. Be noted to point the outdoor antenna towards the nearest cell tower.

2. Install the booster
Outdoor antenna installed, use the coaxial cables supplied to connect it to the booster. Run it into your home, office or property where you’re about to mount the booster. It should be placed near a power outlet with a well-ventilated environment free from direct sunlight and moisture.

3. Install the indoor antenna
Find out the place you decide to install the antenna, mount the antenna with bracket and screws.
Generally, the indoor antenna includes a panel antenna and Omni-ceiling antenna. The former is usually installed on the wall and the latter is mounted on the ceiling.
Again, remember to keep an at least 20 feet vertical or 50 feet horizontal separation between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna.

Find the best outdoor signal.

A booster is used to amplify the cell signal at a poor cell reception area. The most important part of the installation is to properly locate the outdoor antenna with the best signal, as it communicates and captures the signal from a cell tower. The receiving signal strength will affect indoor signal strength and coverage.

There are three different ways to find out the strongest signal near your place.

  • Use cell phone signal bar
  • Use the LCD on the repeater
  • Use a cell phone signal app10K Plus

We recommend the latter two methods as using the signal bar are not accurate enough.
For amplifiers with LCD, it’s very convenient to check out the best signal nearby. Use the coaxial cables included in the box to connect the outdoor antenna to the amplifier. Then turn on the amplifier, hold and adjust the antenna’s direction. The antenna is supposed to point to nearest cell tower of the cell service you’re using, with the best signal strength. The booster’s output power and gain will be shown on the LCD.

Hiboost is always happy to help you.

HiBoost-outdoor antenna fine-tune signal

At Hiboost, we provide an exclusive signal supervisor app to help check out the booster performance, no matter your booster featuring an LCD or not. This all-in-one assistant provides outdoor antenna calibration, remote monitoring and online installation guide and support.

  • Outdoor antenna calibration. The app is equipped with a signal meter tool to test the signal strength. It helps locate the direction of the best signal from the near cell tower, which is user-friendly and makes the installation easier.
  • Remote Monitoring. It allows users to check out the booster’s performance and control it from their cellular device anywhere and anytime.
  • Dedicated Technical Support. Users can get access to online technical support if they have any question using the product. Hiboost installation experts are always happy to assist.


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