Hiboost Cellular Signal Booster Panel Antenna Updated


Hiboost Single Antenna Expansion Kit 50 Ohm includes an indoor directional panel antenna, cables, and a splitter designed to work with any 50 Ohm cell phone booster with type-N connectors. The kit is compatible with Smart Link and Plus series boosters.


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We will refund you the difference if you find a lower price.

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Dual Antenna Expansion Kit 50 Ohm

No more dropped calls and slow data connection!

The Hiboost Single Indoor Panel Antenna Kit is the indoor antenna expansion kit that come with a inside directional antenna, a 2-way splitter, cables and other mounting hardware for one additional antenna installation for a Hiboost cell phone signal booster kit.

The cellular indoor antenna kit enable users to broadcast the amplified 3G and 4G LTE signal from one Hiboost cell phone booster. You can use it to replace the indoor antenna to upgrade signal performance or add an extra antenna to extend the cell coverage for all Hiboost signal amplifier kits. .

We provide every customer with a 3-year manufacturer, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and lifetime US-based technical support.

Let’s get reliable cell service, no more hassle of bad signal!

This is easy to install and it’s a complete kit, everything is included!

If you’ve purchased our Smart Link cell signal booster kit, you can use this kit to enable two inside antennae.

If you’ve purchased our Plus cellular signal booster kit, with this kit, you can

  1. use two antennae at the same time by connecting the splitter and the wall-mount inside antenna to the “indoor 2” port on the Plus cell phone booster
  2. use three indoor antennae by connecting the splitter and the wall-mount inside antenna to the “indoor 1” port on the Plus cellular booster.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our  technical support at service@hiboost.com or (972) 870-5666.


Hiboost Home 4K Smart Link

Reliable cell phone signal amplifier to increase your voice, text and 3G,4G signal.Support multi users and devices on all North American carriers.

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Hiboost Home 10K Smart Link

A more powerful mobile phone signal booster to increase your voice, text and 3G,4G signal for larger home and office compared to the 4K Smart Link.

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Hiboost Home 4K Plus

cellular amplifier with simplified install with a built-in antenna. It boosts your 3G, 4G LTE signal at your home and office for all North American carriers.

Shop Now $449.99
AT& T Cell Phone Signal Booster
Sprint Cell Phone Signal Booster
T-Mobile Cell Phone Signal Booster
US Cellular Cell Phone Signal Booster


1. What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office?
A cell phone signal booster boosts 3G and 4G signal across major American carriers on all cellular devices. It allows you to end dropped calls, unsent or delayed texts and slow data speeds. It requires no subscription or recurring fee. It’s an effective way to improve weak signal and stayed connected for homes and offices.

2. How Does A Cell Phone Booster Work?
For homes and offices with nearly no services and weak&usable signal outside the home or office, a cell phone signal booster/repeater/amplifier can be used to amplify the signal and improve the signal strength inside the house.
A cellular repeater includes three parts: the outdoor antenna, the signal booster, and the indoor antenna(and cable to connect them)
The outdoor antenna communicates and receives a signal from a cell phone tower nearby and transmits a signal to the cell repeater. Then, the signal booster amplifies the outdoor signal and sends a stronger signal to the connected indoor antenna. The booster’s indoor antenna broadcasts the amplified signal to all cell phone or cellular devices throughout the home or office.
Any small and large home and office with poor reception can benefit from one of Hiboost signal booster to improve the signal to stop dropped call and slow data for all carries and multi-phone and device.

3. How to Choose the Best Signal Booster for Home and office?
There are a few things to consider to choose a cellphone signal booster for home and office. The signal strength outside your house, size of your home, number of walls, your carriers, number of users and devices and price. Hiboost cell phone signal boosters for home and office are compatible with all North America to improve voice quality, text and data speed for home or office up to 15,000 sq feet with any wall density. Hiboost signal booster will be able to boost your signal as long as there are usable signal outside the property. The stronger the outside signal strength, the better the performance of the signal amplifier.  As a leading manufacturer, Hiboost offers a 3-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime US-based technical support for all products. They are all FCC certified and work with all US and Canadian carriers without monthly subscription or recurring fee. Hiboost is also the first to provide a signal supervisor app, an all-in-one assistant for remote control and easier installation for all Hiboost users.

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