Summer is considered to be the best time to go for RV camping. Taking your RV travel with your family during these summer-months with warm weather gives you, your kids and your family the chance to have fun. When you purchase your RV and plan an RV getaway with your family, you may add a few upgrades such as a new mattress, a solar power system and more, to improve your RV, in a hope to enjoy the journey to the largest extent. Here, I would like to recommend equipment to enlarge your entertainment and happiness on the road and at the campsite–A cell phone signal booster for RV to help you get cell coverage.

Why you need a signal booster to your RV

Whether you occasionally plan for a weekend RV getaway or are RV enthusiasts who have tripped a lot, you need a cell phone to stay connected whenever you go. Reliable cellular service is absolutely a necessity. A cell phone with cell signal help you access GPS and location service, find the right route to your destination, stay connected with your friends and family, listen to music or stream movies for your kids on the move or the campground.

Weak signal on the road and campsite

Whether you’re taking your RV to a regular spot or an adventure to explore the wild, you’re far from the city. You are distant from the cell source and get weaken the signal. Besides, obstructions on the road or the wild are also the result of the bad cell service, which block and weaken the signal transmitting from a cell tower. These obstructions can be hill and mountains, vegetation like trees, and even weather like rain, snow and frog. Moreover, the body of your RV, the metal skin and glass that covers your RV, play their part in preventing the signal from travelling through. If there are many RV parked at the campsite, people all try to make a call, send text or steam movie, there is possibly not enough bandwidth to satisfy everyone’s need and enjoy reliable service. You may get dropped calls, missed or delayed text and slow data speed and experience a lag when streaming video and or having a Face-time chat.

Greater peace and joy in mind with signal booster

When you hit the road with your RV, there is not always constant and strong cell signal. You possibly can not get access to stable Wi-Fi at the destination campground, you still rely on your smartphone. Therefore, a reliable cellular service to stay connected is what you want during the trip. If bad weather comes, break down happens or another emergency happens, a cell phone with the strong and constant signal can be a lifesaver. Therefore, it’s necessary to include a signal booster in your emergency kit on your RV.

On the other hand, when you take your kids with you, it’s most likely that they will spend time on their tablets, playing games, watching a video, listening to music or drawing pictures via the apps on the tablets. With these engaging activities, you’re likely to get less whining from them and driving hours will fly by. You will get easier simply by providing them with reliable cell connection via setting up a hotspot Wi-Fi for their tablet. Stopped at the campsite, isn’t it joyful to steam a Netflix movie and spent the time with the family? All you need to do is to get a signal booster to ensure solid and strong signal; don’t let the terrible cell service ruin your wonderful trip.

How an RV signal booster improves cell signal for me?

Like any other cell phone signal boosters, a signal booster for RV amplifies the signal for all cellular devices. It includes three components, which are outside antenna which is usually mounted on the roof of the RV, a signal booster or a signal amplifier, an inside antenna installed inside the RV. They have coaxial cables connect them.



The outside antenna communicates with the cell tower nearby, capture signal and then distribute to the booster. The booster amplifies the received signal then transmits to the inside antenna. Then the inside antenna transmits the amplified signal throughout the RV, you will receive a stronger and more stable cell service! As it’s stated, a signal booster is to boost the signal rather than create a signal. If there is absolutely no signal at all, it will not help you get one.

With amplified signal inside the RV, it enables clear calls, timely texts, faster data downloads and uploads. No matter where you’re going to, an RV cell phone signal booster is designed to help you the enhance your cell signal connection, providing you with better voice quality and faster data speed. There are less dropped calls, delayed texts and slow data even when you‘re in a campsite with a weak signal.

At Hiboost, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products. Hiboost signal booster for RV boosts cell signal across all US and Canadian carriers’ network. It supports multi-users and multi-devices simultaneously. Check it out

Hiboost Travel 4G 2.0 RV cell phone signal booster for RV

Travel 4G 2.0 RV

  • Support all US carriers
  • Boost 2G/3G/4G
  • Multi-users, multicellular devices
  • First to provide Signal Supervisor App, an all-in-one signal assistant
  • One-time purchase, no recurring fee
  • No need an internet connection
  • FCC proved
  • 3-year warranty

Find out more about Hiboost cell phone signal booster

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