HiBoost 3G Solution for a Warehouse in Vaucluse, France

The Challenge

Our French customer was suffering from slow 3G data rates in the warehouse in Vaucluse, Provence. This signal problem negatively affected the working process and was a sheer frustration for customers coming there. The reason was the construction with thick concrete walls that made it hard for signal to penetrate. In addition, the warehouse was located in a rather remote place surrounded by dense forest belt. HiBoost team met the challenge to speed up 3G data in rather complicated external conditions.

HiBoost Solution

The solution we offered was  HiBoost F13-3G mobile signal booster. The model is able to cover up to 500 sq.m., which was quite enough for one-level construction of about 200 sq.m. All French operators provide 3G signal on two frequencies – 900/2100 MHz UMTS. We checked that our customer receives 3G data on UMTS 2100 MHz only in the location where he lives, so a single band 3G model HiBoost F13-3G ideally fitted the site.

Cell phone signal reception outside hardly reached two bars. In order to guarantee maximum signal enhancement inside the warehouse we advised to fix an outdoor panel antenna from the standard kit in the point with good signal reception. It’s has a high gain 7/9 dBi and is appropriate for the most complicated outdoor signal conditions.

The  Results

Our customer himself successfully implemented the system deployment. After the booster was installed, 3G signal increased up to 5 bars and he was pleased to enjoy speedy 3G mobile internet on his phone as well as his customers.

Find below a list of HiBoost equipment used in this case:

ItemQuantity (pcs)
13 dBm HiBoost F13-3G booster1
5 dBi whip indoor antenna1
7 dBi panel outdoor antenna1
15m 5D-FB coaxial cable1


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