Voice+ 3G HiBoost Solution for a House in Heuqueville, France

The Challenge

Our French customer was experiencing serious voice and 3G data reception problems in his house in Heuqueville, France. His issue was surroundings with very bad intermittent coverage associated with a long distance to the nearest cell tower. He had to go outside the house to take and make calls, very frustrating indeed. We were to cover an area of about 500 sq.m.on two floors and improve mobile phone signal on Bouygues network.

HiBoost Solution

Outdoor signal reception on the site was about 3 bars so it was quite enough to repeat strong signal and bring it into the customer’s house. HiBoost Hi13-EW solution we offered suited the area just as it should. The model is dual band, i.e. it improves calls on GSM900 MHz and 3G mobile data on UMTS 2100 MHz at a time. Bouygues operator supports these very frequencies for voice and 3G data in the region where the house is located.


The booster was deployed by the customer himself and he was glad to admit that it didn’t take either much time or specific knowledge. Due to unstable signal reception outside we advised to change 7 dbi outdoor panel antenna from the standard booster kit to 9 dbi logarithmic outdoor antenna. Thanks to higher gain parameter this accessory is more powerful and can guarantee smooth GSM and 3G signal enhancement on both floors.


As it’s recommended the customer installed the outdoor antenna in a high point, so he chose pole mounting on the roof. With the help of LCD display it was easy to double check and identify the most suitable place for it. After deployment was finished, the customer was happy to obtain 4 or 5 bars throughout the house. Problem solved!

HiBoost Equipment List

Find below the list of HiBoost equipment applied to this deployment:

ItemQuantity (pcs)
13 dBm HiBoost Hi13-EW booster1
5 dBi whip indoor antenna1
9 dBi logarithmic outdoor antenna1
15m 5D-FB coaxial cable1

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