GSM + 4G HiBoost Solution for an office in Bois-Colombes, France

Our customer needed to improve mobile signal reception in a medium-sized office in Bois-Colombes, France. This area in the suburbs of Paris is well-known for old historic architecture. The customer’s office is located in one of such buildings with thick concrete walls that prevented the signal from penetrating inside. In addition to construction design peculiarities the building stands in a rather built up zone and neighboring buildings also blocked the signal causing almost zero reception.

The customer complained about low quality calls and slow 4G mobile data rates. The main problem was Orange and SFR service. Even close to the windows, mobile phones on both operators hardly showed one bar.

HiBoost Solution

We’ve offered a smart dual band solution HiBoost Hi17-ED. The models’s coverage is 1000 sq.m., power is 17 dBm, so one system was just enough to cover the office of 450 sq.m. Since the customer’s floor plan is rather simple, no accessories were required and a standard kit with one indoor and one outdoor panel antennas perfectly fitted the site.

Hiboost Hi17-ED is a dual band repeater, i.e. it supports two frequency bands at a time – EGSM 900 and 4G LTE 1800 MHz.  All mobile network operators in France support these two frequencies. To put it simple, the device improves calls and 4 G LTE data transfer, which completely meets the customer’s requirements.

The models is equipped with an intelligent LCD display. It rendered support to the installation company and assisted in finding the right place for fixing an outdoor antenna. Also it ensures convenient use to the customer, allowing keeping control over the booster performance in real time.


The Installation was performed by our official partner – JD Car Services company, a professional installation company of GSM/4G amplification systems. Find their contact info here. (choose France in the country list).

After Hiboost system installation, the customer noticed great mobile signal reception improvement. The installation company fulfilled the necessary tests and recorded 4 bars all around the office on SFR, Orange and Bouygues telecom networks. The customer was satisfied with the result and complimented the team on the work done.


Here’s the list of HiBoost equipment used in this case:

ItemQuantity (pcs)
17 dBm HiBoost Hi17-ED booster1
7 dBi panel indoor antenna1
7 dBi panel outdoor antenna1
5m 5D-FB coaxial cable1
10m 5D-FB coaxial cable1

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