The latest trend for the new age outdoorsmen is here, and it’s very different from how we used to enjoy mother nature. Glamping is the newest way that millennials, and some older generations, are exploring the world


What is Glamping?

Glamping is people’s way of taking amenities with them while they enjoy with them to the outdoors.  You end up with what most people find as a relaxing vacation that gets them just close enough to nature with all of the modern comforts they want.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go camping, but you think bugs are icky, or you can’t even stand the thought of not having A/C. Luxury camping is the best way for people to get accustomed to the wilderness and break away from their comfort zones. Who said that you had to make sacrifices to enjoy a scenic get away?

The History of Glamping

Luxury camping is nothing new and more traditional campers have been calling foul with every technological upgrade to improve campers times in the outdoors.

While perhaps not entirely apples to apples comparison many consider the first glamping to have happened in the 16th century when the Scottish Earl of Atholl took all the amenities of his castle out onto the Scottish Highlands for the visiting King James the Fifth.  Jumping forward to the 1900s and the African safari became popularized among wealthy Europeans and Americans. These safari-goers certainly didn’t have such luxuries as air conditioning or refrigerators but they still were able to take many of the comforts of the times; electric generators, champagne, and even portable baths.

Great Glamping Locations

One of the best parts about glamping is the variety of experiences you can get with each trip. You can stay in luxurious cabins in Glacier National Park in Montana or a yurt on the side of a Hawaiian volcano! You can find places to glamp practically anywhere near you or of course you can make a trip out of it and do some destination glamping.

Finding the best place to plan your next glamping trip is easy. Typically there are just a few factors you need to consider when looking for the ideal spot.

How far are you looking to travel? Maybe you just want to escape for the weekend, so it’s best to choose a location nearby. But if you have a bit more time taking a road trip cross country makes for a great vacation and opens up almost infinite possibilities.

Next, consider the cost. Renting out a cabin or some other fixed structure is almost undoubtedly going to be a bit more costly than bringing your own tent unless you’re getting a tent with the square footage of a small apartment.

Finally and perhaps most important for people going out glamping for the first time, check the weather! Most likely if you’re going to an established campsite advertised as a luxury location they will be climate controlled, but that’s only for the time you’ll be spending in your shelter. While you’re out and about you’ll want to enjoy the views and other aspects of nature and that means you’ll be interacting with the elements.

For an excellent database of great glamping locations head over to and easily plan your next excursion!


Keeping Your Cell Phone Connected While Glamping

Perhaps the most important modern luxury that we can’t separate from is none other than our cell phone. If you’re like the majority of Americans these days you just can’t put that sucker down so you’ll want to make sure you’re still connected even while you’re out in the woods. HiBoost has you covered! With our cell phone signal boosters you can extend your carrier’s networks even when you’re miles from the nearest cell phone tower.

Not only does this give you the added benefit of keeping your social media up to date, but it helps keep you connected to emergency medical services.

Glamping Gear

While most locations provide the bulk of the amenities to visitors and guests there are still plenty of things that you should remember to bring on your next excursion. Keep in mind this is a pretty short list with just a few of the most commonly overlooked things.

  1. First Aid Kit – Accidents happen and the last place you want to be during an emergency is away from help. Make sure you have a first aid kit with the essentials; bandages, antiseptic, re-hydration medication, medical tape, burn spray, and any personal medications.
  2. Appropriate Footwear – Many of us that haven’t gotten out in a while might assume that their typical tennis shoes are great for the outdoors. While that might be the case in town, you’ll quickly appreciate some quality walking boots when walking through tall scrub or pretty much the second you get off any trail. Also if you’re going to be out during the winter months don’t forget to bring some thick woolen socks and boot liners to keep your feet toasty.
  3. Kitchen Accessories – While some locations are actually close enough that you can commute into town for meals most of the time you’ll have to cook your own food while out glamping. This means you’ll need a camp stove and cutlery.  Of course, you’ll still need the basics like plates, pots, and pans.
  4. The HiBoost Travel 4G – Need to make sure that your photos make it onto Instagram ASAP? Is your mom going to call and check in and make sure you weren’t eaten by a bear? Or maybe you want to be able to make sure you stay connected to emergency services? Well, look no further than HiBoost’s Travel 4G.  By essentially making your car, truck, or RV into a mobile hotspot by pulling in cell signal and providing you with enough of a boost to keep you connected. The Travel 4G easily connects you to distant cell phone towers and makes sure that even when you’re off the beaten path you can always GPS your way back. Glamp with confidence knowing the HiBoost Travel 4G cell phone signal booster will keep you connected wherever you go.

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