We live in connected life and smartphones become an indispensable part in today’s connected world. It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones. Personally speaking, I will feel insecure with the long absence of it. We need it to keep up with our family on social media, send a text to friends, check out emails for work and surf the internet for entertainment or what’s going around us. We’re always using it and it’s undoubtedly essential for business and life.

Based on the above reason, we need strong and constant cellar connectivity. However, many of you may have suffered the hassle of a dropped call, delayed arrival of text message and slow data. You may blame your cell phone for the issue and try to upgrade it, or even purchase a new one in the hope of avoiding the problems. But unfortunately, it does not make any change. These issues do not result from your smartphones but the reason that your cell phone is getting weak signals from the nearest cell tower. Under this circumstance, a signal booster is a solution for the bad signal reception.

Reasons for Weak Signal

First of all, you’re not alone, as many of you in the country have the same problem with the bad signal as you do. The reasons for weak cell phone signal reception may vary but the basics can be categorized into two major reasons: geographical distance and the poor signal coverage.

Let’s talk about the former, it refers to the distance from your phone and the cellular signal tower. If you’re too far away from a signal tower, and you even need to walk or drive a long way to get a signal, a signal booster is not likely to able to help. A signal booster is to amplify the weak signal from a cellular tower, instead of creating a signal. If your place is distant from the tower and there is no signal at all, a signal booster is not gonna help. But fortunately, it’s rarely seen.


If you could receive the signal but the signal is weak, having one or two bars on your phone, that’s another story and is more likely seen. The weak signal is mostly due to the poor coverage due to cellular tower distance or block by natural and man-made barriers around you. These obstacles can be mountain, valley and building materials, stopping you from getting reliable cellular connectivity in your home or on the road.  Another case of the weak signal is not because due to heavy cellular traffic. In cities, there are many signal towers nearby. They send out signals and these signals will be reflected by the building and then travel in different directions. As a result, they interact with each other and some of them may get diminished in strength. Therefore, there is a possibility that you get the weaker signal. For these causes, a signal booster is a great solution.

How does the cellphone signal work?

A cellphone signal booster includes three parts: the outside antenna, the signal booster, and the inside antenna. To start with, the outdoor antenna captures a signal from the nearest cell phone tower and transmits a signal to the booster. Then, the signal booster amplifies the outdoor signal and sends a stronger signal to the connected indoor antenna. The booster’s indoor antenna broadcasts this amplified signal to all cell phone or cellular devices inside for you.

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Is It Necessary to Get One Signal Booster?

Imagine that when you would like to facetime with your family, what you get is slow choppy Facetime. The video is lagging and you ‘re in slow motion every time you move. However, the sound goes on well.

Imagine that you’re on a vacation, driving between campsites, the signal is too weak to make a call when you’re about to call to share something, or even for in the case of emergency.

And what about when you’re driving on the road, heading for a client who lives in another state, you’re not reachable when he calls?

What if you live in the rural area/mountain, or even at an urban home, when you in the basement, you could not connect when you are intended to call.

stay-connectted-with-family       stay-connected-on-the-road

If you have the above experience or would like to avoid these unreliable phone signal service, then yes! You need a signal for a solution of a bad signal. Furthermore, similar situations of poor signal reception range from dropping calls in the middles of a conversation, taking a long time on downloading, being unable to access the internet to having received delayed message.  A cell phone signal booster is an ideal and effective way to get you out of the trouble and keep you connected when you encounter these signal reception hardship at home, office, rural area or on-the-go.

The Major Benefits of Signal Booster

  • Stronger signal for better and clearer call

Building material, rocky, mountainous terrain, trees and even weather play their roles in weakening signal and the clarity of phone calls. With a signal booster, stable connectivity is enabled and you do not need to worry about these variables. Featured no noise and distortion, the booster provides you with reliable strengthen cellular service.

  • Faster Data and Seamless browsing

We’re always on our phone nowadays. We use it at work, browsing for news, relying on the data to a great extent. For those use data to access the internet will surely benefit from the remarkable improvement with a signal booster. Obvious changed can be easily in faster download, upload and steaming. No more interruption in productivity!

  • Affordable one-time purchase and no extra expense

Booster in Hiboost features smart technology to help you amplify the signal with the best performance and most competitive price in the market.

They work with all cellular devices and support multiple users simultaneously. Everyone in your house will be able to enjoy fewer dropped calls, better voice, quality, faster network speeds, and improved audio and video streaming. Home and office cell phone signal booster, like those offered by Hiboost, work with all US carriers including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and US cellular. Once installed, there is little maintenance required. You can select and get one based on your needs.

benefit-of better-signal


Nowadays, we’ve become population that rely on smartphones a lot. It’s frustrated to experience the unreliable cellular service, which has a great influence on our life and work. Therefore. a strong and constant signal is definitely a must; a signal booster is an ideal solution and Hiboost is your answer. At Hiboost, we offer a wide variety of signal boosters to bring you good signal reception, helping you to enjoy a better-connected life with a better phone call and faster data. Go through to learn more Hiboost Cell Phone Signal Booster.


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