HiBoot Smart Link Signal Boosters


Models: F10G-5S-IoT, F15G-5S-IoT, F20G-5S-IoT.Pro

The Smart Link Series Cell Phone Signal Booster is designed to deliver strong outdoor signal into small homes and offices with terrible indoor cell reception.

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Amplifier-4K Smart Link

4K Smart Link

 Indoor Panel Antenna |Gain: 60 dB|1,000-4,000 sq.ft

Reliable cell phone signal booster to increase your voice, text and 3/ 4/5G signal. Supports multiple users and devices on all North American carriers.

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Amplifier-10K Smart Link

10K Smart Link

 Indoor Panel Antenna |Gain: 65 dB|4,000-10,000 sq.ft

A more powerful booster to increase your voice, text and 3/4/5G signal. Well-suited for larger homes and offices compared to the 4K Smart Link system.

User Manual Data Sheet Quick Start Guide
Amplifier-15K Smart Link Deluxe

15K Smart Link

Two Indoor Panel Antennas |Gain: 70 dB|7,000-15,000 sq.ft

HiBoost’s most powerful signal booster for home and office. Boosts 3G,4G & 5G signal for your entire home. Works with all North American carriers.

User Manual Data Sheet Quick Start Guide


How do I know my booster is working at optimum performance?

Using the Signal Supervisor app, you can connect to the booster and determine if the booster is working optimally. You can also use the LCD display to read the live status of the booster.

Can I use the signal bars on my phone to optimize my Yagi antenna placement?

The type of booster you need depends on multiple factors including coverage area, indoor environment and outside signal strength.

Follow our easy selection matrix on the home page to determine which cell phone signal booster will work best for you.

My ISO is flashing on my LCD screen. What does that mean?

If you have a blinking ISO, then you have some oscillation between the outdoor antenna and the indoor antenna.  Make sure that they are separated by 20ft minimum, and vertical distance is more important than horizontal distance.

My booster is in a warm environment. Is it ok?

We use carrier grade technology and innovative housing for our boosters.  They can operate in high degree temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you feel like your booster is overheating and not providing any signal improvement, please contact us at 972-870-5666 or online at support@hiboostusa.com

My ALC is flashing on the screen, what do I do?

The ALC or Automatic Level Control will automatically adjust the gain on a booster based on the current signal environment.  If you ALC is flashing, this just indicates the automatic gain control is working properly.

How much separation is required between the outdoor and indoor antennas?

Our recommended distance is a minimum of 20 ft between both boosters and that distance be more vertical than horizontal.  If you are in a space limited area it is quite possible you can provide a blockage of signal by using certain materials between the two antennas.

I have my booster installed, but my signal didn’t seem to improve. What do I do?

Make sure you don’t have any flashing alarm or ISO lights.  Make sure your antennas are separated by a minimum of 20 feet.  Look to see if any of your cellular bands are turned off.  Adjust your outdoor antenna to fine tune your equipment.  If you are still having trouble, please feel free to contact us.

I seem to have less coverage than before I installed the booster. What do I do?

If you seem to have less coverage, this can be caused by several different issues.  First check your connectors are firmly tightened.  Check to make sure you have ample distance between the outdoor and indoor antenna.  Make sure they are not pointing at each other and that your outdoor antenna isn’t pointed across your building.  Check the gains on your booster and make sure the ALC is flashing and it is adjusting.  In some cases, you may need to manually adjust the gains, or you may need to adjust your outdoor antenna.

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