What is a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

Cell phone signal boosters bring cell phone coverage into buildings that have poor or no cell phone coverage. The cell phone signal booster system works by capturing existing cellular signal from an antenna that is mounted outside of a vehicle, apartment, hotel, residential house, commercial space and warehouse, and distributing it inside from one or more indoor antennas. If there is existing signal outside of the building, cell phone signal boosters are an excellent solution for weak signal inside of the building up to 15,000 square feet. HiBoost cell phone signal boosters benefit the user by simultaneously booster cellular signal for multiple users on any US and Canadian carrier network such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, US cellular and Rogers.

  • Eliminate dropped calls
  • Improve cellular reception
  • Clearer calls, faster download speeds
  • Supports multiple cellular devices (such as cell phones, iPads, tablets and hotspots)
  • Compatible with all US and Canadian Carrier Network
  • No recurring fee for devices
  • Up to 15,000 square feet of expanded coverage area

Choosing the best cell phone signal booster

1. For Vehicles and RV

To enable stable connectivity while traveling around, install an easy plug-and-play Travel 4G 2.0 kit inside of your vehicle or a Travel 4G 2.0 RV kit for RVs to stay connected. These units are equipped with a powerful outdoor antenna that captures signal from distant towers and a indoor antenna that transmits signal to multiple devices inside of the vehicle or RV. Both kits features the Signal Supervisor Bluetooth enabled app that allows users to optimize their vehicle position for optimal performance.

Passenger Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUV: Travel 4G 2.0

RV and Campers: Travel 4G 2.0 RV

2. For Homes and Offices

Determine Signal Strength

We recommend that you determine the strength of the existing outdoor signal before purchasing a cell phone booster. Weaker outdoor signal may require a more powerful booster to amplify signal indoors. An easy way to do this is by determining the number of bars that exists on your phone. Simply walk around the outside of the building and measure the bars. Refresh your cellular data occasionally by turning it on and off.

Please note that if there is totally no signal outside, the booster won’t work neither. The booster needs capture signal first and then amplifies it.

One bar or less

2 to 3 bars

3 bars or more

  • For smaller homes, cabins, and apartments up to 2,000 sq.ft, we recommend that users intall  Mini, Zoom.
  • For small homes and offices up to 4,000 sq.ft., we recommend that users intall 4K Smart Link4K Plus
  • For medium-sized homes and offices up to 10,000 sq.ft., we recommend that users intall 10K Smart Link10K Plus4K Plus Pro
  • For large homes and office buildings up to 15,000 sq.ft, we recommend that users intall  10K Plus Pro

3. For Commercial and Industrial Integration

If you are looking to integrate a cell phone signal system into commercial spaces above 15,000 square feet, it will require a full floorplan analysis and a certified installation of our enterprise commercial and industrial cell phone signal booster. For more information, please email our qualified specialists at info@hiboostusa.com or give us a call at (972) 870-5666.


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