HiBoost Triband Solution for a House in Ireland

The Challenge

Our customer lives in a poor reception area in the suburbs of Limerick, Ireland. While the outdoor signals could be 1 to 2 bars, he was unable to get a good signal inside the house. Also, being in a rural area, he did not have good broadband availability and was struggling with wireless Broadband at rates of 500Kb download speed.

The challenge was to boost voice and 3G mobile data throughout a 2-storey house of about 500 sq.m.

HiBoost Solution

To fix our Irish customer’s signal issue we offered HiBoost Hi17-3S booster model and it brilliantly coped with the task.

Coverage: up to 1000 sq.m.

Since it was necessary to cover a 2-level house of 500 sq.m. all in all, the system had to go through a lot of signal obstructions like walls, stairs, roof, etc. In addition, the outdoor signal was quite weak, so the solution was a rather powerful model with 17 dBm output power and 65 dB gain.

Networks: EGSM 900 + DCS1800 + WCDMA 2100 MHz

The customer’s main issue was low signal on Eir operator that provides calls on 900/1800 and 3G on 900/2100. Triband solution supporting all three signals was perfect to amplify both voice and 3G at a time.

Kit: Triband booster + indoor panel antenna + outdoor panel antenna + 5m and 10m cables

For the outdoor antenna instead of the panel antenna from the standard kit, the customer used a logarithmic periodic antenna with 11DBi gain. He performed pole mounting to add  extra height and overcome some tall trees to the front of the house. To guarantee signal amplification on every floor the customer used a splitter and one more indoor panel antenna. Luckily. the system is powerful enough to allow slight signal loss.

The Results

Since installing the Hiboost booster, there’s a consistent 4 bars of 4G all around the house and this provides high speed broadband also.

Here’s the customers feedback that speaks for itself:

The system works very well and is extremely stable. Overall we are delighted with the purchase and would recommend these devices to anyone in a poor reception area. I might add that we had previously tried a booster from China which did nothing for us, so we would advise customers to avoid these and opt for the Huaptec models.

Find below the list of equipment used in this installation:

ItemQuantity (piece)
17 dBm HiBoost Hi17-EDW booster1
9 dBi panel indoor antenna1
11 dBi logarithmic periodic outdoor antenna1
Two-way splitter1
5m 5D-FB coaxial cable2
10m 5D-FB coaxial cable   1

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