Improving Voice + 3G Signal in the Office in Ginosa, Italy

This time HiBoost Team is going to Italy. A medium-sized office in Ginosa was suffering from poor mobile signal reception. Here’s a short case study how we strived to fix the issue.

The Challenge

The area to cover is an office on two floors coming with about 500 sq.m. It is situated about 20 km away from the city, so a serving cell tower seems to be too far to provide high quality signal reception.

The client moved to a new building with open space offices and warehouses, but in practice the staff had to go outside to make calls. Low 3G mobile data transmission was also annoying both for the emplyees and customers coming there. The main operator to boost was Vodafone. It was necessary to strengthen mobile data and voice signal at a time. Other operators were also preferable to improve.

HiBoost Mobile Signal Boosting Solution

The solution we offered is HiBoost HI17-EW mobile phone signal booster. The repeater is perfect to boost both calls and 3G data, just as it was required by the customer.

Networks: EGSM/GSM900 + WCDMA2100 MHz

The chosen model is dual band, it means the booster support two frequency bands at a time and is able to strengthen both voice signal and 3G mobile data simultaneously. The supported frequencies for voice and 3G signal are used predominantly all over Europe and by all Italian carriers in particular.

Coverage area: up to 1000 sq.m.

It’s always preferable to choose a booster with larger coverage area than the actual area of the home or office. Walls, stairs, windows, etc. are rather serious obstructions for cell phone signal to come through, especially if the office is located on two floors.

One more conditions of a successful booster performance is a strong outdoor signal reception. The maximum the customer was able to get from Vodafone is 2 – 3 bars, the other operators performed even worse in the area.

To sum it up, one item of Hi17-EW model was a suitable option to fit the site.

HiBoost Installation & Results

While HiBoost GSM + 3G signal booster installation the specialists faced some problem. The office owner asked to avoid antennas and cables inside the office in order not to spoil the interior view. As a solution the installer hid the internal antenna in the stretched ceiling. The outdoor antenna was fixed on the back side of the building, a good option as a strong signal is always better to pick up at the highest possible point.

Here’s a full list of HiBoost equipment used in this case study:

ItemQuantity (pcs)
17 dBm HiBoost Hi17-EW signal booster for home1
5-7 dBi indoor panel antenna1
7-9 dBi outdoor panel antenna1
15m 3D-FB coaxial cable2

After HiBoost repeater installation GSM and 3G mobile signal coverage increased greatly throughout the office and the customer received full signal. Well done!

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