Have you also noticed that sometimes when you are casually using your mobile phone, your service starts to drop its speed considerably? So in case you are also wondering “why is my service so slow?”, this article might just be the one thing that you really need. Keep reading and you will find out various reasons why your service is so slow and how to tackle this problem by just doing a few simple things on your phone.

1. Try restarting your phone: There are many cases when slow service is just a mere glitch that could be due to many unknown reasons. But the good news is that this glitch can go away by simply restarting your phone. In many cases, you don’t even need to restart your phone, just putting your phone on airplane mode for around five minutes could do the trick. It is very likely that this method will rid you of your slow service problems but if not, then keep reading and find out other extremely simple methods to solve your problem.

2. Turn off hotspot: Hotspot or as they say in technical terms, “Tethering” is a very basic service provided by your device which allows other devices to connect to your phone’s service network in the form of wi-fi. By doing so, you are channeling your data into various streams so more devices can access your bandwidth. Doing this will slow your speed significantly and your service will become sluggish. So try to turn off your mobile hotspot and see if that helps a little. If not, keep reading.

3. Change your data plan: With the help of technological advancements, we can recharge our phones with just one simple click. Online services and applications help you select a data plan for a particular period of time and when the plan expires you can either repeat your plan or select a new one. But the catch is, sometimes we do not pay attention to the details of the selected plan. A lot of crucial details are mentioned there like the expiry of the plan, the type of data network provided, data provided, and much more. So you need to check carefully what kind of network your plan is providing you. The fastest technology these days is 5G, if your service is extremely sluggish then there is quite a possibility that you may be availing of the data plan which provides either 4G or 3G. So next time your data expires, carefully select a new plan which provides a 5G service.

4. Reset your network settings: Many times there are simple glitches that exist and we don’t even find out about those. The reason could be a simple mixup in the network settings. Fortunately for those of us who do not understand what are the ideal settings for optimum results, there is an option called “set to default”, by clicking on this option your network settings will be set back to the default settings and the possibility is that your service will start boosting up.

5. Disable apps in the background: When you use a certain app and exit the respected app without properly closing it, there is quite a possibility that the app might still be running in the background consuming your data thus making your service so slow and also draining your phone battery at the same time. Go to the recent apps on your phone and close them all. You will see that not only your service will boost up but the speed of your phone will also get enhanced.

6. Identify data draining apps: There are some applications on your phone which will continue to drain your data even if you have closed them or if you haven’t been using them at all. You can either uninstall these apps but if they are too important to delete then long press on the icon and select the option “Force stop”. By doing so the respected application will stop functioning completely until the time you open it again. This might be a good way of boosting your service speed by several megabytes.

7. Use data saver mode: As simple as this might sound, using your phone on data saver mode can solve your problem of slow service to a great extent. Sometimes when we use services on our devices, like streaming videos or movies and listening to online songs, this takes up a lot of data because of high-quality streaming. The inbuilt functions of our smartphones are such that while availing these streaming services, we are using the data at the highest rate without even us realizing it. So to change this you can simply switch on the data saver mode from the settings or find an option in your notification bar. You will see that the service speed will be very fast in no time. You can also check your data speed online with numerous speed testers present online.

8. Install third-party apps: These days everyone is coding and making their own application software to solve their problems. So it is very likely that if you look online, you will stumble upon some app that might just solve your problem. There are much Speed boosting apps that will enhance your service considerably. But make sure that before installing any third-party app, you make sure it is a good and trusted app. Look at its rating and read the comments and see if people are comfortable keeping a third-party app on their phones.

So, this was a simple list of a few things you could try to speed up your slow service, and maybe you will stop wondering why your service is so slow. Chances are that one of these solutions will help you and you might escape the trouble of upgrading your device or wasting extra bucks on your existing one.

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