If you’re stuck in a situation on the road that you need a network on your laptop, but you can’t get any access. Under this circumstance, your smartphone can be used as a network source for your laptop at this case by setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot as a backup network.

What Is Mobile Hotspot?

Smartphone mobile hotspot, also known as Wi-Fi sharing or tethering is a blend of software, hardware and user-end network data services. They are combined to phone working as a broadband modem and router. To put is simple, a hotspot connection is a Wi-Fi connection, which comes out of your phone. You can connect using it to connect your laptop, tablets, other phones or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Different from a fixed location hotspot, you can share your web connection to other devices as you wish as long as they’re in range and get your password. It’s a portable Wi-Fi you can get access to in any location that there is cellular signal available. It takes a few steps to set up a hotspot on a smartphone. These steps vary from different phone types, but they are not difficult to turn it on.
Using a hotspot does not disturb making a call or sending a text with your phone. But it eats up battery life and uses data; the price depends on the data allotment of your plan.

How to get a better hotspot connection?

Nowadays, more and more people work on the go. You need a hotspot at your mobile office to stay productive or connect to your workmates, friends, and family. However, there is not always a constant and strong cell signal. The connection is not always reliable. So, why your hotspot speed slow and how to increase it?

Why Your Hotspot Speed Is Slow?

1.Out of the range
A mobile hotspot has a rated range within 30 feet. The further you are from the phone, the weaker the signal. It’s best for you to stay within 15 feet of the mobile phone hotspot.
2.Too many users
Generally speaking, a 4G smartphone can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices via hotspot connection. But having too many users connected to one hotspot can lower its speed.
3.Weak signal
How your hotspot performs relies on your cell phone cell services. If the incoming signal from a cell tower is weak, then you will have a slow Hotspot speed. The weaker the signal, the slower the hotspot speed.

How to Increase Your Hotspot Speed?

1.Change hotspot’s location
Try a different location to find out a place that has stronger cell signal reception. Walk close to a window, go up to a higher place where are close to your carrier’s cell tower and have fewer signal blockers that affect the signal strength. The building material, brick, concrete and glass take their part in the preventing cell signal from travelling through.
2. Lower users and turn off any apps
Turn off any apps running in the background on your phone. When they’re on, they use data and slower your hotspot speed even though they’re not used actively. Besides, do not connect two much devices at the same time.
3.Install a signal booster
If the above methods fail to increase your hotspot speed, you may install a cell phone signal booster. A signal booster, also called a signal amplifier, boost your 2G, 3G and 4G signal for your phone and hotspot. The stronger and more reliable the cell signal, the more stable data connection you will have on your devices that use the hotspot Wi-Fi.
As long there is a signal within the place, it will amplify the signal then distributes to your phone once you install a cell phone signal booster. It also extends your signal coverage range so that you do not need to change your location. There is a cell phone signal booster for residential and cars. No matter you’re at home or driving on the road, a signal booster can boost your data connection, increasing your hotspot speed.

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