Lightning Arrester Kit


This lightning arrester kit includes a lightning arrester and 15ft/4.57M Hiboost200 low-loss white cable. It provides reliable protection of the outdoor antenna and the entire booster system against lightning and thunderstorms. Please make sure you ground the lightning protector well before using.

  • Frequency range up to 3 GHz
  • 50 ohm impedance
  • N-female to N-female connectors
  • Easy to install

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Boost Your Signal Or Money Back


This lightning arrester kit is fully compatible with all HiBoost mobile signal booster models.

Easy to Install

Lightweight and compact, it only takes you few seconds to screw it on the outdoor antenna of your signal booster.

Reliable Lightning Prevention

Up to 3 GHz frequency range, 2500V pressure resistance. Extremely low in-line resistance reduces unnecessary attenuation of signal strength and maximizes signal transmission distance.

Surge arrester2

Excellent Electrical Insulation

Quality beryllium bronze material ensures high insulation resistance up to 5000 MΩ. No worry about over-voltage.

Surge arrester1


Characteristic impedance


Frequency band range


Rated dc breakdown voltage


Contact resistance

Inner conductor:≤1mΩ; Outer conductor≤1mΩ

Insulation resistance

≥5000 MΩ

Medium pressure


Inner conductor separation force


Mechanical life

>500 times (12 times/per min)

Environment Temp


Relative humidity

+40℃ can meet 95%

Wateproof requirement



Installation and Troubleshooting

Plus Installation Signal Supervisor Method

Plus Installation Signal Supervisor Method

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