You already pay a monthly cell service. However, it does not work or works as expected. It can be really annoying, especially working from home. If you have ever experienced poor or no cellular signal at your building, a cellular booster can really help, which can provide consistent and reliable cell service for quality calls and fast data speed.

Cell phone signal booster is also called cell phone repeaters, signal amplifiers and network extenders. They boost 2G,3G and 4G LTE cell signal on all Major North American carriers and all cellular devices. A cellular booster stops dropped calls, unsent or delayed texts and slow data speed, and keeps you away from weak signal or dead zones again.

There are hundreds of different cell phone signal boosters on the market. It’s not that easy to choose the one that works for you. That is why we made this list, to introduce the most reliable and trusted cell phone boosters for you.

All our cell phone boosters:

  1. Boost 3G and 4G LTE signal for all cellular devices, including iOS, Androids, tablets, cellular hotspot and other cellular devices
  2.  Work as a 4G network extender
  3.  Support all major North American carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, US Cellular, Sprint and other major carriers
  4.  Exclusive APP for performance remote monitoring
  5. No monthly subscription fees
  6. No Wi-Fi or landline connection needed
  7. All FCC certified
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee and industry-leading 3-year warranty
  9. Lifetime US-base technical support

How do Hiboost Signal Boosters work?


A cell phone signal booster works by captures the existing outside signal with its exterior antenna. The outdoor antenna transmits the signal to the cellular booster. . The booster then amplifies the signal and rebroadcasts it through the interior antenna. Correct installation of these components is essential before you enjoy boosted signal for better call quality and faster data speed.

The major reason why you have weak signal reception includes distance from your house to the nearest cell tower and the construction materials around that block cell signal from pulling in.

You may contact at 972- 870-5666 from Mon-Fri: 9 AM-5 PM CST for installation assistance or suggestion on which booster works for you.

Best cell phone signal booster for small homes or spot coverage.

Hiboost 4K Smart Link


Buy this Cell Phone Booster If:

  • You have a limited budget.
  • You have a small home with poor outside signal, or you just need spot coverage.

The 4K Smart Link helps improve your cell coverage, which is the classic and reliable cell signal and network solution of Hiboost. It can cover 2 to 3 rooms or up to 4,000 sq ft (with perfect outside signal). It’s an ideal booster if you live in a rural area with a weak outside signal, on all major North American carriers.

The 4K Smart Link cellular amplifier is featured a max gain of 60 dB. It works with large capacity use of multiple users and devices at the same time. It’s designed to be easy to install with its LCD display and Hiboost exclusive app. The LCD display allows setup and troubleshooting straightforwards. It can also connected and monitor via Hiboost Signal Supervisor App

Best Cell Phone Booster for Mid-Sized Homes

Hiboost 4K Plus Pro


Buy this Cell Phone Signal Booster If:

  • You have a Mid-size house in an urban, remote or rural area.
  • The signal outside the building is strong and you expect to cover more rooms as well as simpler installation.

The Home 4K Plus Pro cell phone booster is an In-building 3G&4G LTE cell phone signal booster, amplifier and repeater. It boasts indoor cell signal reception within the home and office up to 6,000 sq. Ft, for all US and Canada cellular networks.

With a gain of up to +65 dB, it improves your cell service for all wireless cellular devices, including phones, hotspots, etc, on any service provider in North America. Featured with a built-in antenna than the 4k smart link, you do not need to run cables for the indoor antenna, which simplifies the installation as well as covers more rooms.

Get reliable cell service in your home or office. No more hassle of dropped calls, delayed text&emails. Never wait for a loading screen. Get the crystal calls, fast browsing on your phone. Send emails and text without delay. And the Stream videos without buffering!

Best Cellular Booster for Large Homes

Hiboost 15K Smart Link

Buy this Cell Phone Signal Booster If:

  • You have a large house in an urban, remote or rural area.
  • The signal outside the building is strong and you expect a gigantic increase in signal strength and cellular coverage.

The HiBoost Home 15K booster kit has proven very popular with many of our customers. The amplifier has brought a lot of features into a cost-effective package than other signal booster manufacturers on the market.

Downlink output power is the specification that most directly affects the coverage area of the system when you have a stronger outdoor signal. With an uplink output power of 24 dBm and a downlink output power of 12 dBm, the signal booster kit reaches further cell tower in the further distance and provides better indoor cell reception, providing better call, text and stream capability.

The cellular amplifier boosts all available network speeds for large homes and office up to 15,000 square feet, providing constant cellular connectivity for multiple users and devices simultaneously, with fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, higher data speeds, and more.

Hiboost 15K Smart Link cellular booster is compatible with all networks and carriers in the United States, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, and US Cellular, as well as all phones and cellular-connected devices.

Best Cellular Booster for SUVs, Trucks and Semis on the Road

Hiboost Travel 4G 2.0 OTW

Travel-4G-2.0-OTW-1 (2)

Buy this cell phone booster if:

  • You need to stay in touch on the road in remote areas
  • You need to boost multiple cellular devices simultaneously

The Hiboost Travel 4G 2.0 OTW is a powerful and affordable cell phone booster for your SUVs, Semis and Trucks. This mobile cell phone signal booster is designed to reach the cell tower at a far distance and improve cell reception in the cabin of the vehicle.


It improves weak 2G, 3G and 4G LTE signal for multiple users in the vehicles. The booster also supports all US carriers and all cellular devices, enabling less annoying dropped calls, poor voice quality and slow data speed on the road!

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