Do your office building has a terrible signal reception? You may have great signal reception at your lunch spot near your office, but when you go back to the business, signal reception is horrible within the walls.

No matter you’re an employee or owning your business, it’s crucial to have strong signal reception to stay connected and productive at the place of work. If you own a small business, no one can understand better than you the importance of communication between your partners or your customer. Poor signal reception may affect how your business partners and customers view you. If you’re an employee, you need a crystal reception for personal and business communication. You do not want to miss or drop any call from your important ones or clients.

What Causes Poor Signal Reception at Your Office?

If your office is located at the heart of the cities, you may have full bars on your phone at your place, but there is no 100% guarantee that you can have no issue of dropped calls or surfing the web due to the bad reception. Signal strength is influenced by the distance from cell service tower, obstacles interference and more. Having too many users using the cell tower can cause congestion on the network.

Weak Carriers’ Signal

Does only your phone has weak signal reception or you have also heard grumbling from other people in the office space about the cell service? Ask your colleagues about their carriers, AT&T, Verizon or others? If there is only one specific cell service with a weak signal, it shows that there is not enough carriers cell tower nearby. If different carriers’ users suffer from weak reception, it indicates that the office has a dead zone, which cellular service is not available.

Dead Zone

A dead zone is caused by the office building itself in urban areas, which is the main reason behind dropped calls at the workplace. The culprit can be the building material, bricks, concrete, metals, Insulation materials and more. These signal blockers stop cellular signal from travelling through, leading to a dead zone with no or extremely weak signal. Try to figure out the specific location of the dead zone at your office, then try to avoid it. But having spotty cellular service can be frustrating, the dead zone is the place for cell phone signal amplifier.

Too Many Users

If there are too many users at one specific area, you may not able to make a call or get access to the internet due to network traffic jam. This usually happens in well-populated areas(concert, football game, metro or convention centres). The data speed is too slow to surf the Web and it takes longer for download and upload.


How to Improve Signal Reception at the Office?

No matter for the above or any other reason, there is no doubt that having a strong signal reception at your business is extremely vital. You need it to make and receive important phone calls, download or upload from the web. If you keep missing or dropping a call, have slow data speed, providing not timely and effective customer service, it will lead to a negative impression on you and your business.

So how to get and stay strong signal strength in the office? Check out some ways to stay a strong and consistent cell signal at your place of work.

Use Wi-Fi

Using WIFI for calling and texting can be a substitute as nowadays many smartphones and carriers support a Wi-Fi calling and texting, with access to the secure Wi-Fi network at the office. However, it’s not a perfect solution. You can not expect all your customer or people at the business use Wi-Fi calling and texting. Some people may not be able to get access to this feature on their phones and carriers. Besides, the Wi-Fi signal also has its coverage rage, the farther you are from the Wi-Fi router, the weaker the signal.

Avoid Dead Zone

You can change your location and avoid the dead zone to gain better signal reception on your phones, such as stepping outside, changing a room, going to the windows or higher floor. Those they may more or less improve your signal reception, but spotty cellular service is frustrating as you can not browse and call as you wish.

Lower Number of Users

While you can not to control the users using the internet, you can plan your calls, texting, surfing web and streaming to avoid dealing with high network traffic. This option sometimes is inconvenient as well.

Install A Signal Booster

If the above methods fail to improve your signal, get a cell phone signal booster. The device will amplify a signal for cellular devices. It does not create a signal but captures and amplifies the weak signal at your place, then rebroadcasts it to the office. Most cell phone signal boosters boost all US carriers and there is no internet needed to get it to work. It helps extend quality cellular coverage to allow you to call and use data anywhere and anytime in the office.



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