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Ever experienced a dropped call? Or encounter a bad cell phone signal reception call when you’re about to reach out to someone at home?

It happens if you live in remote areas. Even in the cities, unreliable signal reception can be seen. Imagine that you’re in the basement when you’re about to call your son come down to assist you, you’re disconnected since there is no signal at all in the basement or the signal is too weak to make a call.

Why Do I Have Bad Signal Reception?

No one wants to be disconnected from the rest of the world. We all hope to maintain contact with those who matter for us. Therefore, a smartphone that’s always working is a must. Bad signal reception has to be solved. Before that, let’s take a look at what cause the issue.

Dot-Application-Cabin  metal buildings

If you live in rural areas, the reason is relatively obvious that you’re far distant from the near cellular tower. You’re out of your carriers’ cellular range or the natural obstacles that block and weaken the signal that transmits from the cellular tower.

If you are living in the cities, man-made construction materials like concrete or bricks of buildings play their part in the signal block. Heavy network traffic, strain, weather and other factors also contribute to the poor signal in the urban area.

How to Avoid Bad Signal Reception?

We expect a clear call and faster data speed, to call and text family and friends, to stream movie and access to the internet as we wish. A relatively part of our daily life and business rely on our cell phone. How can we improve the signal reception and get reliable service? Here are some tips.

hiboost-icon-1 Bar or Less                       hiboost-icon-2-3 Bars                         hiboost-icon-3 or More Bars

Improve Cell Phone Signal for Free

  • Change your location

That is to say to move to somewhere with a better signal. For instance, move up higher places, go upstairs, go outside or move closer to the windows, until you find the best place to a strong signal.

  • Change your surrounding

That includes opening windows, reorganize your space, move the trees around you and avoid using the construction material that has the possibility of blocking your signal and weakening signal strengthen.

  • Using Wi-Fi

You may think of “Okay, I’ll use Wi-Fi calling and browsing.” Yes, using WI-FI can be a substitute. But Wi-Fi allows you to access the internet via a router. It requires an internet connection as well. It takes up bandwidth, especially when you have quite a few devices connected simultaneously, which also leads to Wi-Fi speed slowing down. When you walk out of the router’s range, Wi-Fi connection fails as well.

Improve Cell Phone Signal with Affordable One-time Purchase

Actually,  a cellphone signal booster can really help. The above methods may have some impact and get you connected again. However, it’s not for long-term or there is a limited effect on signal improvement to some extent.

Imagine that you’re on your sofa in the living room, texting a friend, browsing news, steaming and enjoying movies, the signal is too weak that and you have to move from your soft and comfortable sofa to get stronger signal every time. No doubt that is quite troublesome, no to mention whether the signal you get is strong enough for seamless browsing.

A cell phone signal is the most effective and reliable way to release you from the trouble. There is no need to be limited by the carrier’s range. You do not need to change your physical location or surrounding. A signal booster installed, it takes the outside signal to amplify it and then broadcast it to your home. Buying one signal booster for home is a cost-effective investment you’re likely to make for you and your family.

The Major Advantages of A Signal Booster  HiBoost Travel 4G Cell Phone signal booster for car-signal for everyone

  •      Less Dropped Calls and Voice Quality
  •      Faster Data Speed
  •      Less Battery Consumption
  •      Improved Coverage Area.
  •      Affordable and No Recurring Fee

You may find out more by going through our previous blog.



How to Choose A Signal Booster for My home?

There are mainly a few things you need to know before purchase.

  • Needed coverage area

There are different types of signal booster on the market, which provides different coverage in the home of different sizes. You need to figure out the coverage area of the targeted room which has bad signal reception, then select one booster based on your need.

  • Compatible carrier

Not all call signal boosters work with all carriers in the country, pay attention to choose one that is compatible with your carrier, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon or others.

  • Number of Users and Devices

How many will be using their cellular devices at home? That is a question you need to think about when selecting a suitable booster. Some signal booster is designed for one device at one time while others support multi-users at the same time.


AT Hiboost, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products. They work with all US and Canadian carriers and you’re not necessarily change your carriers. Check out our best home cell phone signal boosters to improve signal in your home:

  • HiBoost cell phone signal boosters for homes:
  • Boost signal for all US carriers
  • FCC proved.
  • Boost 2G/3G/4G
  • First to provide Signal Supervisor App, an all-in-one signal assistant
  • One-time purchase, no recurring fee
  • No need internet connection/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

1. Hiboost Mini Series- Best for Small Home


Booster signal in a small home, 500 – 3,000 Sq. Feet

Up to 60 dB system gain


2G GSM, 3G and 4G LTE Network

Note: DOT priced at $199 only work with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon

Mini and Zoom are compatible with All US and Canadian Carriers. These two differ from the coverage area. Check out HIboost Mini Series


2. Hiboost  Plus Series – Hiboost Stylish Signal Booster for Mid-Size and larger Home

Plus-4KPlus Pro-4KPlus-10KPlus Pro-10K

Booster signal in home up to 1,000 -1,2000 square.ft

Up to 68 dB system gain


2G GSM, 3G and 4G LTE Network

Support All US and Canadian Carriers

Main difference:

4K Plus Pro features a unique built-in antenna Plus compared to 4K Plus, it has a larger coverage area and simpler installation.

10K Plus Pro features a unique built-in antenna Plus compared to 10K Plus, it has a larger coverage area and simpler installation.

Find out more about Hiboost Plus Series

3. Hiboost Smart Link Series – Classic for Mid-Sized and Larger Home

                                   HiBoost 4K Smart Link-1HiBoost 15K Smart Link-1

Booster signal in a home up to 1,5000 square.ft

Up to 70 dB system gain


2G GSM, 3G and 4G LTE Network

Support All US and Canadian Carriers

15K Smart Link has a larger coverage area than 4K Smart Link, learn more.

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